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CAISI Program (OSCAR Case/Agency/Bed Management and Integration) Features

This page summarises features developed by the CAISI Project within the OSCAR open source project extending OSCAR so that it can be used by social service agencies for the client case management and bed management.


The CAISI Program has made contributions to the OSCAR open source case management system software so that it can be used by social service agencies and medical providers to care for vulnerable populations. These OSCAR improvements provide full featured case management and bed mangagement system functions that are being used by leading agencies in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton.

OSCAR Case Management / Bed Management Features

  1. User created (intake or other types) form (you can add any questions you want to create a detailed intake for a shelter or homeless service) see the attached Seaton House intake form
  2. admit and discharge clients from a bed program or a service program and generate stats for such programs (see attached sample report for one of our shelters based on providers, types of issues etc.) 
  3. bed management system  allows you to admit clients to programs, rooms and individual beds, switch clients between beds and produce reports for checking to see if clients are in their assigned rooms and beds and easy to update/discharge sheets.... 
  4. program summary screens for a client showing when a client was admitted and discharged from various programs 
  5. Program referal of clients and manage waiting lists for clients waiting for admission to a program (e.g. a nutrition/social work/shelter/clinic program) 
  6. role based access of information by role and by program you can limit who sees what records...only staff assigned to programs where a client has been admitted can see a client's record, you can specify what role can see what element or what note in a record so that e.g. a shelter worker won't see a doctor's notes but can write notes and these can be seen by the MD / social worker

CAISI/OSCAR Integration Features

  1. Import of remote registration demographic information - can be done for clients to improve accuracy and to save time when performing registration of a client.
  2. integration of notes/issues/prevention/medications across agencies using independent instances of OSCAR/CAISI- in other words if you have an OSCAR clinic and a homeless service provider - you can see each others notes for the same client 
  3. client consent controls electronic integration through a robust consent process, you can only see remote information if the client electronically signs a consent...this consent is valid across all agencies that are integrated and can be turned on or off by the client at any time.... 
  4. pictures of clients in case encounter screen and client summary screen 
  5. Health health number registry health cards are registered online and can be viewed throug the Web, the Ontario ministry of health has funded and approved this as an alternative to the Health Card in Ontario 
  6. population health report - live real time statistics on how many clients who are homeless e.g. have died in past year, have severe mental illness etc.

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