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Import of demographic information from Remote OSCAR/CAISI Agency Installation

User created intake and other forms (you can add any questions you want to create a detailed intake for a shelter or homeless service) see the attached Seaton House intake form. You can also import demographic information from remote installations of OSCAR/CAISI to save registration time given client consent.

One of the key features of the integrator is the ability to import data from the intake registration in regards to the same client from multiple agencies. This will ensure that a provider has the most recent demographic/information for a client in order to provide the most appropriate services. This function improves client care by 1) reducing time needed to collect registration information 2) reduce duplication of registration work done in other agencies and 3) allow all agencies to have the most up to date registration information. The following screen shots show the Registration Intake (a sample of some of the questions that, with the integrator functionality, could populate the most current intake) as well as the screen used to import a remote client’s registration information into the user’s agency database.


Import of registration intake demographic information




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