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Agency Staff Training Plan

Author: Pamela Vlasic, Elizabeth Murray and Natalie Comeau

Staff training is one of the most critical components in the implementation of the CAISI Project. The project cannot be successful unless the users are informed, trained and pleased with the functionality of the system. The initial training of all staff members occurs in two steps and takes approximately 3 - 4 hours. Additional time is needed to train system administrators, to update staff as new versions of OSCAR-CAISI are released, and to do follow-up.

Each agency will be responsible for deciding the number of staff who will be trained. This will be dependent upon the needs identified by the agency; if the agency would like all people in all roles to be trained this can be facilitated. The agency can also choose to have select individuals in each role trained and subsequently engage in peer training or ‘train the trainer’ approach.


All Agency Staff Members

General orientation to CAISI happens in two parts.

1. Information Session

 It is important for staff to understand the background and the philosophies of the CAISI Project. The CAISI Project is built upon Open Development software and in order for the benefits of such software to be fully recognized, staff must participate in the community of users. Participation can be encouraged through understanding - if staff understands where this program came from and what is goal is, then the likelihood of their participation will be increased. A power point presentation designed for service providers is shown to the users in this first stage. This portion of training is facilitated by the Agency Implementation Coordinator.

The latter part of the Information Session relates to Privacy and Security. The legislature and principles that CAISI, and its partner agencies, adheres to is reviewed. The rights and responsibilities of homeless clients as well as staff members is discussed, so that staff become aware of the reasoning and necessity behind certain system components or procedures. Particular privacy and security scenarios are addressed to prepare staff. This portion of the training is facilitated by the Privacy & Security Coordinator.

Not only do staff members need to understand the roots of this project, they also need to be trained on influential principles. Finally, staff need to hear what other stakeholder groups are saying about CAISI. The latest feedback from high-level supporters (funders and administrators), as well as homeless clients will be imparted to them.

General information about CAISI will be handed out, including an information brochure and a copy of CAISI policies and procedures. The information session is a good time for staff to sign the suggested confidentiality agreement.

2. System Training

 The second session in the training process is the actual training on the OSCAR-CAISI system. For agencies that have a large staff, training sessions should be broken up into smaller groups. It is important for staff to actually go through the different processes manually. They need to see the program, hear the facilitator explain the program, and actually try it out. Test Programs and test clients are used to achieve this. This portion of training is facilitated by the Agency Implementation Coordinator.

Staff will receive a copy of the CAISI Step-by-Step Guide, and will be given access to the User Guides.


CAISI Administrators

Administrators, senior-level staff who represent the agency and grant/monitor access to the OSCAR-CAISI system, will be chosen by the agency. These individuals will have the highest level of access to the system and the most responsibilities in terms of allocating boundaries around programs and staff members. They will be trained by the Agency Coordinator in terms of the operating system and the administration.


Follow-up training

• Database management training

The Agency Coordinator will train staff and administrators in terms of database management. This may be an on-going process as questions in regards to the database often arise as providers become more familiar with the system.

• Report generator training

This will be included in the initial training for staff and administrators. It will be carried out by the Agency Coordinator.


Training Materials

Introduction to CAISI (presentation)

Staff Information Brochure  Agency Staff Brochure

Privacy and Security Introduction (presentation & notes) City Staff Privacy and Training Presentation

Please see User Guide section for list of all user guides  User Guides.


The CAISI Project plans on having online AV presentations/user manuals of how to use the system.

The CAISI Project would like to acknowledge the following organizations for the provision of resources related to staff training:

  • Information Privacy Commissioner (IPC) of Ontario - Guide to PHIPA (training video) & various training guidelines
  • St. Michael's Hospital - Staff Confidentiality (training video) & various training guidelines


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