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Issue Escalation Procedures

There are 3 Issue Escalation Priorities: 1, 2, 3


Priorities 1 & 2

Priority-1 issue is one of the below:

  1. Permanent loss of access
  2. Extensive permanent loss of data
  3. System unavailable from all workstations
  4. Client data or data entry unavailable from all workstations (inability to make or access progress notes, prescriptions or ticklers for a client)

The expected response time is 30 minutes for a Priority-1 issue.

Priority-2 issue is one of the below:

  1. System unavailable from majority of workstations
  2. Temporary loss of data
  3. Minor permanent loss of data

The expected response time is 120 minutes for a Priority-2 issue. 


Escalation procedures

The escalation procedure for priority 1/2 issues.

  1. User group escalation
    1. User that experience issue talks to supervisor or super-user with more system knowledge confirms that issue is a real issue
    2. User / Super user escalates with call to core CAISI group member. Core Caisi staff confirms that issue is an issue.
  2. IT group escalation
    1. Super user / core CAISI group member calls IT person on call for site.
    2. Super user / core CAISI group member logs issue in Bugzilla and sends email to CAISI-user confirming that the issue has been reported to IT staff and that they will contact the user / super-user for more details.
    3. IT person on call for site contacts necessary other IT person to resolve issue ASAP.
    4. If the resolution of the issue takes long (more than 4 hours), Super user / core CAISI group member communicates with users about the expected resolution time. Also, CAISI directors are notified about the issue by phone.
    5. Once the issue is resolved, a message is sent by Super user / core CAISI group member to all parties involved that the issue has been resolved.
    6. Super user / core CAISI group member or IT person that worked on the issue logs the issue resolution in Bugzilla



  1. Other functional issues
  2. System not performing as per requirements
  3. Issues that can be worked around with other function or manual processes
  4. Temporary lock-out

Escalation procedure

  1. User group sends message to CAISI-user
  2. Super user / CAISI core team member add Bugzilla item if bug, otherwise provides administration, training and/or support for user.


Software Roll Back Process

Software that is released to an agency may be rolled back at any stage of implementation (beta, release candidate or general release). If an agency notes that the software is not working for them and work cannot be done despite investigation by the agency coordinator and technical teams then the agency and CAISI teams will discuss rolling back the softeware to the previous stable version. The technical team will ensure that no data is lost in the upgrade or the rolling back procedure.

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