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Medication Integration

Link to the files listed below for detailed information about Integration of Medications.


Medication integration is desired by clients in order to allow their providers to see what medications they are on and have been prescribed in various agencies. Integration of medications allows providers in different agencies to view the medication lists in other agencies for a client while providing care for them.

Medication Integration Requirements


  1. Medications from remote sites are only visible as per client consent
  2. All medications from all sites that a client consents to will appear in the list of medications
  3. The list of medications will appear in the OSCAR Rx (search for drug section) see diagram below
    • Medication Integration Picture
    • Integration of Medications / Integrated Medication Detailed View
  4. Add a column that shows local vs remote, in this view the facility where the remote medication information resides will be provided next two the medication as in diagram above
  5. Rules with respect to medications with the same DINare as follows:
    1. For 'show current': If a medication with the same DIN exists in the local database, only the most recent one from the local instance will be shown
    2. if a medication with the same DIN exists in a particular remote database (e.g. facility A) then only the most recent instance of that DIN will be show in the show current view as well as the show all view
    3. if a medication with the same DIN exists in multiple facilities, then a single instance from each facility will be shown
    4. when show all is clicked, only the multiple instances of a single medication will be shown for the local medications, not the remote ones
  6. Represcribe of remote medications will function as follows:if represcribe checkbox is checked and represcribe button is clicked for a remote medication, then this medication becomes prescribed locally (with the same DIN)
  7. it is not possible to delete a remote medication
  8. The consent model will follow the domain control structure (domains = e.g. mental health, physical health, sexual health, medical/non medical information)
  9. will do this only in COMMON UI, ie common to both OSCAR and CAISI UI's, remote medications will not be shown in the OSCAR CME UI or the CAISI CME UI.


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