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HIC and Non-HIC Integration Requirements

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Requirements to the type of integration that is desired between HIC and non-HIC agencies.


HIC and non-HIC agencies both provide care for clients some of which would benefit from integration at the individual and population levels to avoid duplication and fragmentation of care and to improve advocacy.


Individual Level HIC Non-HIC Integration Requirements


Non-HIC and HIC agencies should be able to make e-referrals between each other and know what referrals have been made.

Case examples


1. Client requests a counsellor in non-HIC shelter to refer him to the infirmary in a HIC shelter.

2. Client wishes the medical team counsellor in a HIC agency to refer him to the legal case worker in a non-HIC agency.

3. Client is seeing counsellor in non-HIC agency and wishes to know if he has been referred to a HIC addictions program and how long he has been in the waiting list.


Progress Notes

Non-medical notes from a HIC should be viewable by appropriate roles in a non-HIC.

Case examples


1. Client wants a counsellor in a non-HIC shelter to see what work has been done/initiated on his housing application by the medical team counsellor in a HIC shelter.

2. Client wants a medical team counsellor in a HIC shelter to be able to see what work has been initiated on his financial support application by the counsellor in a non-HIC shelter.


Current Programs and Program History

The programs that a client is currently admitted in and has been previously been admitted in should be appropriately viewable by HIC and non-HIC agencies.


Health Card Numbers and the Health Number Registry

Clients should be able to obtain help getting health numbers from non-HIC agencies and have those agencies submit their numbers to the health number registry to support their access to health care.





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