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Collection of pages related to role based access.
Chiropractic Referral for Dr. Shervin Ranjbar NewGen Medical Clinic png file
for identification purposes
Chiropractic Referral for Dr. Shervin Ranjbar NewGen Medical Clinic
This eform has been commissioned by the NewGen Medical Clinic: Clinic, Corporation or Government entity name: NewGen Medical Clinic Contact Phone: 778-564-1899 Form Name: Chiropractic Referral Form Description:Chiropractic Referral Spine/Back Pain Upper and Lower Extremity Injury ICBC MVA Headaches Custom Orthotics
CVD V3 Risk Calculator:
This version has been tweaked to work in Oscar15. If it does not properly zip into your system, try uploading just the HTML, but AFTER you have zipped. Zip required because a newer CVD4Engine_Jun2018.js replaces the older CVD4Engine.js file. Previous version would not reload with the correct first-line quote of the calculated risk. However, the remaining info was correct. For some reason, the \n\n command was printed and pasted literally, and did not create the desired and intended line feeds. It seems to work now. Plus - the references were deadlinked, but now corrected. JohnY
INR Cross Section
How well are you doing managing INRs? Well you can find that out with the handy dandy INR cross sectional report tool Denmark has a central program for management for INRs and averages 59% for a range 2-3.5 which is considered excellent we range from 48-64% over the last 6 months for INR 2-3 you need to have the INRs in measurements and the template is set up for patients in the Dx registry with codes that trigger the INR flowsheet (Atrial Fib 42731 will likely be a common indication) It was a bit easier for me to pick the next INR after the index date (using a group by) rather than before the index date but those should be equivalent The range cuts off at 2 months on the assumption that the patient gets their INR at least monthly
QC_RGAM.user.js attempts to annotate medications covered by Quebec's RGAM (Le regime general d'assurance medicaments) as such. Le script ci-joint, QC_RGAM.user.js, tente d'annoter medicaments couverts par le RGAM en tant que tels. Reference/Reference: Vos commentaires sont toujours les bienvenus. Darius.

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