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Role Based Access

Collection of pages related to role based access.
Prenatal Genetic Screening V10_Jan19_2019
Removed EDD references, and using solely EDC. Still requires CRL measurement. Complete the Maternity Care Calendar first, and calculate the EDC from that eForm, for best results with the PGS eForm.
Request for Orthopaedic Consultation Hip and Knee Arthritis Management Ontario png file
for identification purposes
COPD Asthma referral form for Markham Stouffville Hospital zip file
SOPLR (2019) - Chrome Friendly + Fosfomycin updated:
This is the latest version for those who wish to remove Fosfomycin from automatically being added to urine C+S. It can still be added via the green checkbox. Also, copy to Case Room has been removed from maternity related labs, as some women may not have chosen their delivery site when the lab req is issued. If you prefer having these features, do not load this upgrade. No other major changes were made. JohnY If you had downloaded the earlier version, please replace with version b.
Boehringer Request for No charge Compassionate Use of commercial product
Provided by Leo Pavone

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