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Role Based Access

Collection of pages related to role based access.
FractureFallls.html file
This file is separate from and different from the zip file. Upload the html file “FractureFallls.html” through “Upload eForm”. Name the eForm “Fracture and Falls Risk Advisor” (case sensitive)
FRAX Calculator greasemonkey file
DO NOT load the grease monkey (FraxCalcultor.user.js) to OSCAR. --- This is a greasemonkey script to be loaded like other greasemonkey scripts - if you have not used greasemonkey scripts before please see the tutorial in the useful code section of the eforms in beta testing under greasemonkey scripts. ---- Load the greasemonkey script “Fracture_and_Falls_Risk_Tool.user.js” on all the computers that you want to use the tool
FRAX Calculator 2016
Created by David Page - This is a Falls and Fracture Risk assessment tool for OSCAR based on the FRAT and FRAX calculators. The use of this tool is at your own risk and requires your own clinical judgement. You first need to review the Power Point presentation to understand the decision support logic built into this tool which does not follow any Canadian guidelines. You need to look at the instructions for loading into your system and the use of Grease Monkey is highly recommended to simplify the process.
Grieg Health Record Age 6-9 zip file
Greig Health record age 6-9 png file
for identification purposes

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