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Role Based Access

Collection of pages related to role based access.
eform example of writing to the encounter pane zip file
this is a straight HTML form so the zip file contains just the html and a file called eform properties. There are no js files or images.
Gynecology intake form 2014
This form uses the code developed by Morgan Price's group to enter a note in the encounter pane. It also will convert imperial measurements for height and weight in to metric measurements, and calculate a BMI. It does not require an image, but does require a js file which is also provided. The encounter pane must be open to write to the encounter. If there is already writing in the encounter pane, you will get an error message. Click on cancel - then it will write to the encounter pane. Counter-intuitive, but there you have it.
Obstetrics Intake form December 2014 html file
Generic Outpatient Imaging form Burnaby October 2014 zip
Generic Outpatient Imaging form Coquitlam East October 2014 zip

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