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Role Based Access

Collection of pages related to role based access.
Teen Functional Assessment or TeFA png file
for identification purposes
Patients not seen in 10 years
Provided by Leo Pavone. Here is a RBT that seems to work but it's very inefficient. Basically, I'm making a sublist of any health card (HIN) that have a billing after a selected date and then asking for health cards that are NOT IN this list. The "NOT IN" comparison can take a long time if the list is long, so I would be wary about runningg this unless you have done some testing. Maybe someone in the list can suggest an more efficient way.
eform example of writing to the encounter pane.
This code was originally developed by Morgan Price's team in Victoria for their end of life module. Subsequently David Page has used the same code in the Youth Mental Health Module. This is a stand alone example of the code required and was created by David Page. It is provided for those who wish to add it to other eforms. ----- NB With this code, if you are adding to an existing encounter note - that is, if there is already an encounter note open - a pop up will appear. You can read it and click cancel, and you will be able to add the information from the eform to the open note. Somewhat counter-intuitive, but there it is. -----JohnR.
eform example of writing to the encounter pane zip file
this is a straight HTML form so the zip file contains just the html and a file called eform properties. There are no js files or images.
Gynecology intake form 2014
This form uses the code developed by Morgan Price's group to enter a note in the encounter pane. It also will convert imperial measurements for height and weight in to metric measurements, and calculate a BMI. It does not require an image, but does require a js file which is also provided. The encounter pane must be open to write to the encounter. If there is already writing in the encounter pane, you will get an error message. Click on cancel - then it will write to the encounter pane. Counter-intuitive, but there you have it.

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