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Role Based Access

Collection of pages related to role based access.
Flu Shot: Rates 2014-2015
From Peter HC --- Here is a timely RBT for Flu shots I have lightly modified one that was supplied by the DFM at Queens (thanks to Abigail Scott) to make it usable throughout Ontario. ---- Only lightly testedThe number of flu shot statuses recorded in the 2014-2015 flu season to the selected patient group. The flu shot status must be recorded in OSCAR's Prevention module by January 31, 2015 or billed with one of these codes: G591A, G590A, _G590A, __G590A, Q690A, Q691A, Q130A. The flu shot status recorded may be completed, refused or ineligible. The patient must be at least 6 months old and have a roster status of RO and a patient status of AC
The Lung Center Referral Form 2014 zip file
The Lung Center Referral Form 2014 png file
for identification purposes
The Lung Center Referral Form 2014
Provided by NERD BC and the Eight Avenue Clinic
Community Audiology VCH ages 0-5 zip file

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