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Role Based Access

Collection of pages related to role based access.
Digestive Health Referral eform zip file
Digestive Health Referral eform png file
for identification purposes
Digestive Health Referral eform
Digestive Health Referral eform provided by Sara Bond and KAI Innovations. Commissioned by the Digestive Health Clinic (Gastroenterology and hepatology). I have tweaked it slightly (added x-boxes, an html link, and compressed the image file size further without loss of resolution). JohnR.
Sort Report by Template in alpha numeric order - greasemonkey script
GM that sorts Report by Template (RBT) list in alphanumeric order. I have kept the old list intact as we are used to the current order. Scroll down the page to see the new list. If preferred, I can remove the old list entirely. Let me know. For the techies, the script contains an additional line that will read a demographic parameter from the URL as 'params.demographic_no' Stan.
Schedule screen navigation buttons and Favorite Specialist greasemonkey scripts
Both GM's are required for the links to work. They will work out of the box, but can be tweaked for links to your favorite RBT's. The GM places navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. The button size makes them ideal for touch screen use. The Links buttons are: Today, and week views in 2w, 3w, 4w, 2m,3m,6m. Search Upload documents Assign new documents There are two custom direct links to your two favorite RBT's. (You will need to insert your own template id in the areas indicated at the top of the script. To do this you will need to open the script in text viewer such as WordPad or NotePad). The 'Edit Specialist' and 'Specialist' links take you directly to the external provider details. To add a new referral doctor's details, click on the 'SPECIALIST' button. Then search for the new doctor. Click on the doctors billing number link. Then click on "Add Specialist" and you are done! The details are automatically copied into your referral doctor list. You will still have to assign the specialist to his/her own specialty as usual. To edit Specialist details, click on 'Edit Specialist'. (If the add or edit Specialist screens act in a way to which you are unaccustomed, simply turn off the Monkey and refresh) Word of caution: Your receptionists will love these buttons. Once the front office gets used to them, they may not be able to cope without them. Stan.

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