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Role Based Access

Collection of pages related to role based access.
Advanced Endoscopy referral form 2018
Provided by Leo Pavone
Oscarizing radio boxes and check boxes
From Stanley Hurwitz : I've been having difficulty saving check boxes and radio boxes in Oscar. I realize that this has been addressed in the new eform generator, but the following helps to build from scratch. Oscar manages radio boxes differently: Normally radio boxes are each given a unique ID but with the same name. Saving radio boxes in Oscar will check ALL boxes in the group. 1. To save radioboxes in Oscar, they need to be converted to input boxes, each with it's own unique ID. To group as a radio group they require a unique class for each radiogroup. 2. To assign class rules, use a CSS that allows a class name plus a wild card rather than having to repeat the CSS rules for each radio group class. 3. To apply CSS rules to all radiogoups, use a second class name. 4. Small X-boxes don't fax well. This can be overcome by blacking out the entire checkbox. Firefox defaults to NOT printing back ground colors. Thus to print a black box, you cannot use a background black color. The trick is to use boxshadow with inset: boxShadow = "inset 0 0 0 1000px black" The attached HTML file demonstrates Stan
Oscarizing radio boxes and check boxes html file
demonstration of code
Lab Results Requiring a Pop Up Window
From Stanley Hurwitz: This past week, there was a FireFox Quantum security update which prevents GM4 from opening and populating a popup window.. To overcome this, I have created a new form called PopupWindow which is called by the GM scripts. Upload the form as usual. You will need to update the GM scripts with your system's specific form ID number. These are two very powerful scripts that I use all the time. 1. In the lab report view, you can view, fax or print all prior lab results for every test in the form. 2. In the cumulative view, from the echart you can list, view fax and print all prior labs (I have set a limit of 10 prior results - this can be changed). Labs can also be limited to different sets (CDM, inflammatory,hepatic, CBC, all)
Lab Row Alphabetical Sort
In the lab report view, you can view, fax or print all prior lab results for every test in the form.

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