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Role Based Access

Collection of pages related to role based access.
QHC Imaging Requisition pdf file
Provided by John Yap
QHC Imaging Requisition png file version 2
From the PDF provided by John Yap - in case there is interest in updating this eform. JohnR.
QHC Imaging Requisition zip file
QHC Imaging Requisition Instructions zip file
QHC Imaging Requisition
Update January 20th 2014 - Many further tweaks made to this form. X-box architecture added. Background heavily photoshopped. It’s still not great, but will have to do. I struggled with the finger/toes field. The form is enlarged slightly - stretched out to 850px width, and it’s still too crammed. It does not have a quick-pick menu as many of the BC imaging forms do. I’ve added the patient info (back) page as a linked eForm, with some colour to brighten your day! JohnY --- Imaging requisition for Belleville, Picton, Trenton, and Bancroft. Originally supplied by Donato Gugliotta, subsequently modified by Gunther Klein. From Gunther: I've attached the tweaked version of the eForm (Attached as zip file, and the fixed markup also as html and txt). It prints and submits properly for me now. Please check if it also works on your system. I couldn't resist tweaking your form a little more: - Made the weight and height fields auto-populate from your Measurements database - Cursor defaults into the history field on loading - Nudged the fields and textboxes around a little to straighten and make the text fit nicely.

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