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Integrator Requirements


The CAISI integrator is a software component which enables the integration aspect of the CAISI IT project. It has multiple roles.

  • To proxy communication between agencies.
  • To provide an aggregated cache of agency data.
  • To manage linking unique identifiers (Client IDs) across agencies

UI integration

The data retrieved from the integrator will be seamlessly integrated with the UI of the oscar/caisi. The issue-listing from the integrator will show up next to local issues, and the only difference is that the user-names, i.e. the provider-names, for the issues will be different. This presents some issues in some situations, for instance, the allergies field will have to have a read-only area which lists allergies that are recorded at other locations. In the same way, the ticklers will be for read-only purpose and there will be no actions that the user can take on them.

Local Storage

Most of the data shared in this second version will not at any point be stored locally, but is rather viewed. However, if a user whants to add a case-note for an issue that is not local, a new issue will be created locally of the same type, which is a sort of copy of the remote issue (not the notes however, those are always just viewed).

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