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Bug Tracking

This page provides brief information on the bug tracking and reporting system used.

The Caisi Bugzilla is now deprecated in favour of the Oscar SourceForge Tracker.

When you're on the oscar sourceforge screen there should be a "tracker" tab, under that tab will be a few categories, we're currently only going to use "bugs" and "feature requests". A bug is when something is not working the way we designed it to or does not work the way the feature had originally requested it to work. A feature request is when you have either a new idea or feature or if some one changes their mind on how something should work. Please note the difference and categorise issues appropriately.

For now all Caisi related bugs can go into the Category "Caisi (general)" the other categories can be used but have so far been created by the Oscar folks and I'm unsure as to if they've cleaned up the categories or not (of if they're even capable of removing old categories). Anything that's obviously Oscar should probably be dropped into one of the oscar categories.

The Group would appear to be what we call "version", for compliance reasons Oscar can't change their version number often so it's still called "Oscar 2.1" however the date appended to the end denotes our actual release time. As starting point everything right now should be under "Oscar 2.1 2007-10-20 GA" but more Groups will be added as we have more releases.

Please use the Priority appropriately. Priority does not mean how important a bug is, it is a relative gauge of how important one bug is relative to another bug. So if there are 2 critical bugs, the one you want fixed first should be at a higher priority than the one you want fixes second. If you have no preference you can have them at the same priority - however, you shouldn't get upset if a developer randomly chooses to fix another bug which is rated at the same priority first. Priority generally speaking means the order in which we'll look at the bugs. You can update the priority as other things get fixed and or as priorities change.

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