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Detailed Regression Testing

Authors: Annie Zhou, Marc Dumontier, Tomislav Svoboda, Pamela Vlasic


1. System Messages

  • Create
  • Edit

2. CAISI Role Editor

  • Create

3. Issue Editor

4. Case Management View

  • Program Domain accurate
  • Case load
  • Correct Links
  • Previous days in calendar - correct case load?

5. Other

  • _masterLink 
  • Address on consultations NRFQ
  • Address on prescriptions NRFQ
  • Unread tickler window
  • Hidden search tab
  • Signature  NRFQ


6. Tickler plus

  • List ticklers
  • Combinations of filters
  • Create new tickler
  • Detailed view of a tickler
  • Add comments to tickler
  • Reassign Tickler multiple times
  • Update the status of a tickler multiple times
  • Create a custom filter
  • Run a custom filter 
  • Prepared ticklers? NRFQ

Progam Management

7. Program Administration

  • Creating a new program
  • Editing that program's general information
  • Remove a staff member
  • Change a staff member's role
  • Create a team
  • Assign staff to a team
  • Assign clients to a team
  • Remove a client from the queue (should this even be allowed?)
  • Setup Access Points to test later
  • set up access to regression testing role in one of the programs

8. Staff Administration

  • See staff list
  • Edit a staff member
  • Assign staff member to programs
  • Edit roles/teams
  • create a new staff (provider ID, login security, assign CAISI role etc.)

9. Agency Administration

  • Click on 'Summary'
  • Check each tab
  • Edit general attributes


10. CAISI Intake (Intake A)

  • Create a new client
  • Update a client
  • Make sure admission happens, check holding tank

11. Street Health Intake (Intake C)

  • Create a new client NRFQ
  • Update a client NRFQ
  • Make sure admission happens, check holding tank NRFQ

12. Client Search

  • Try different patterns

13. Client Manager

  • Check all links
  • Check all tabs
  • Refer client to a bed program
  • Refer client to a service program
  • Discharge client from a service program
  • Discharge client to a community program

14. Referral/Queueing/Admitting

  • Refer a client to a bed program
  • Perform admission
  • Discharge client
  • Repeat above for a service program
  • Try rejecting referral

15. Consent

  • Create a new consent NRFQ
  • Create a new consent, answer false questions NRFQ
  • Update consent NRFQ
  • Try different combinations NRFQ

Case Management Encounter

16. Issues

  • Create some notes with different issues
  • Make sure issue filtering works
  • Edit a note, update issues (set one to resolved)
  • Show|hide resolved issues
  • check issue line in note


17. Notes

  • Create new note
  • Change encounter type
  • Sign
  • Set a password, Unset a password
  • Spell Check
  • Sort by different facets
  • Filter by provider

18. Prescriptions

  • test show all NRFQ
  • click on prescription links NRFQ

19. Ticklers

  • check ticklers in CME
  • create a new tickler


20.  Search

  • Try different criteria
  • click links (summary,detailed)
  • sort by each facet
  • filter by provider


21. Role based access

  • test navigations items
  • test prescription read/write
  • test ticklers read/write
  • test issues read/write
  • test notes read

22. Other

  • Test image upload
  • save a reminder
  • fill in each box in patient history, save
  • make sure allergies show up

User Created Forms

23. Administration

  • Create a new survey with multiple pages,sections,questions using all question types
  • Test survey
  • Create a new survey using another as a template
  • Test survey
  • Export survey
  • Delete a survey
  • Import survey
  • Add intro and closing text
  • Test survey
  • Clear test data
  • deploy survey


24. Execute

  • go to pmm, search a client, go to Forms tab (or go to CME)
  • choose your UCF from the drop down list
  • enter values, and save
  • update, make sure old values are there,make a change,save
  • update, verify changes
  • make sure the 'auto save' function works

ER Consent/Report

25. Administration

  • create a new provider with "ER Clerk" as provider type, make login record NRFQ
  • associate provider with a service program NRFQ

26. Consent

  • login as ER clerk provider NRFQ
  • search for a client NRFQ 
  • click implicit consent NRFQ
  • search for a client NRFQ
  • enter reason, click explicit consent NRFQ


27. Report

  • check accuracy of report NRFQ


Bed Log Management

28. Bed Log Management

  •  Customize Agency Rooms/Beds in Agency Summary
  • Assign a client to a bed
  • Give a late pass
  • Change reservation expiration date
  • Perform a bed check
  • Discharge a client from a bed


Pre-Admission Programs

29. Pre-Admission Programs

  • Link service program to a bed program NRFQ
  • Set up client status for programs NRFQ
  • Apply client status to clients NRFQ
  • Sort clients by status in case management view NRFQ
  • Admit to bed program NRFQ
  • Client discharged from service program NRFQ


Triage Referrals

30. Triage Referrals

  • Set up referral preferences for a program
  • Refer clients to a program using various triage attributes



31. Reports

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