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Open Development Overview


Open Development is program development (e.g. community programming) in which the program is in continual development and implementation and that front-line agencies, staff (including physicians, nurses and social workers), and their clients can directly contribute to the ongoing creation of the program by working alongside CAISI Project staff. In this approach, all elements of program development are open to inspection, contribution and modification.


Process of Open Development

The original version is built on exiting programs and modified as needed. The program is implemented in the earliest stages possible before it's development is completed and before all bugs and processes are worked out. A variety of contributors make suggestions for improvement. Once these needs and desires are voiced by CAISI users and clients, Project staff discuss and explore the suggested features to evaluate the feasibility of creation and deployment, the benefits to all CAISI users, and the potential risks. Using a ‘release early and release often’ philosophy, Project staff improve the suggestions that best serve all, test the features that are related to the software, and deploy the improvements where CAISI is being used. This aspect of open development is the same as rapid cycle change ( While this process happens frequently and quickly, allowing for maximum feedback and revision, information being stored and used in CAISI is protected. All partner agencies and users have protected installations of CAISI software and can opt to update their software with the latest improvements.


Open Development Components

SCPI Open Devleopment Components

SCPI funding allowed CAISI to start the Open Development process to include the feedback from multiple stakeholders. Please see the following links for 2 SCPI components that were crucial in this area:

Stakeholder Inter-relations

Action-based Education

CAISI Roundtables

CAISI held three roundtables with a variety of potential stakeholders after receiving SCPI funding. CAISI received feedback about the direction of the project and involvement of stakeholders. A summary of the proceedings can be accessed through the link: CAISI Roundtables 2005

Current Open development Activities

Community - Co-Development and Communication




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