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Management Team

Author: Tomislav Svoboda, Natalie Comeau, Pamela Vlasic


CAISI Lead Director: Tomislav Svoboda

Tomislav is a family physician and Community Medicine Specialist at Seaton House and the Department of Family and Community Medicine at St. Michael's Hospital. He is co-Director of the Rotary Club of Toronto Infirmary and Seaton House Medical Director. His work on the CAISI project is provided in kind through his other positions. His responsibilities include providing overall direction for the project with a focus on project administration, software requirements development and design, CAISI project evaluation and sustainability.

CAISI IT Acting Director: Marc Dumontier

Marc Dumontier has written software for over 10 years. He attended Carleton University, Lakehead University, and University of Toronto learning Computer Science and Biochemistry. In 2001, he did a 16 month co-op program at MDS Proteomics working on the Biomolecular Interaction Network Database – BIND ( which catalogued molecular interactions in a structured format, and on distributed indexing software (text indexing all known biomolecules over a 200 node cluster). Marc then worked for a non-profit, public good research organization called the Blueprint Initiative ( while working on BIND, SeqHound, and other cutting edge research projects. Marc is a Senior Software Developer for the CAISI project.

Former Directors:

CAISI Integration Director: Arthur Manuel

Art is the Program Supervisor for the Seaton House Annex Harm Reduction Program, co-Director for the Rotary Club of Toronto Infirmary and Program Supervisor in charge of Health at Seaton House. Art's time with the CAISI project is provided in kind from his other positions. His responsibilities include developing the multi-agency integration protocols and developing the network of multi-agency care for homeless clients through the CAISI project.

CAISI Health Systems Integration Director: Lynne Lawrie

Lynne is the former Executive Director of the Toronto District Health Council and is now a health systems consultant. She led the development of the homelessness toolkit for hospitals that became a large part of the Seaton House St. Michael's Hospital integration project SHIFE. Lynne works as a paid consultant to the project varying from 4-16 hours a month. Lynne's responsibilities include developing the integrated network of health care agencies within the CAISI project as well as helping with the dissemination of the CAISI project among agencies, formalizing stakeholder relations through the CAISI community round-tables and setting up the CAISI External Reference Committee (ERC).

CAISI IT Development Director: Johan Macedo

Johan Macedo is a software developer who started a company that created web database software applications for large companies in Sweden. Since he came to Toronto he volunteered and worked with the team at Seaton House to develop a prototype web based case management system for shelter multidisciplinary teams. He now works for the City of Toronto in the Corporate IT Department and he volunteers his time with the CAISI project. His responsibilities include leading the development of the open source IT solution (OSCAR based) that supports the Toronto CAISI Project.

CAISI Implementation Director: Toby Druce

Toby is an Agency Review Officer with the City of Toronto Shelter Support and Housing Administration and works on the Streets to Homes initiative. His time on the project is provided in kind through his other positions. His responsibilities include helping agencies with IT customization and with the development of integration protocols within the CAISI project.

CAISI Administration, Privacy and Population Programming Director: Karen Jones

Karen Jones is a Family Physician and Community Medicine Specialist who held a similar position with the original SHIFE project. In this project she led the team in integrating care between St. Michael's Hospital and Seaton House. She has extensive experience in managing and directing large community oriented projects.

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