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Project Team & Project Management

Author: Tomislav Svoboda, Marc Dumontier, Natalie Comeau, Pamela Vlasic, Elizabeth Murray


The CAISI team includes the CAISI Project Management Team, CAISI staff, CAISI Community Co-Developers (agency directors, agency staff, people who are homeless). The CAISI project is an open development project and as such all aspects of the projects are evolving on an ongoing basis. This includes membership and structure of the CAISI Team.

Team Philosophy

The CAISI Project is a project developed by front line agencies, clients and staff. Agency staff who use the system and care for the homeless, as well as those who were or are homeless, are co-developers in the project. A small project management team made up of front line providers and development experts was assembled to direct special tasks and to serve the needs of the community of CAISI project community co-developers.

 Team Members

Project Sponsors

St. Michael's Hospital

Former Sponsor: City of Toronto SCPI Program

Project Management Team

Project Directors

Project Lead: Tomislav Svoboda, Ph.D., M.D.

IT Director: Marc Dumontier

The CAISI Management Team page details the backgrounds of the individuals on the Project Management Team.


Full Time Staff

Research and Administrative Coordinator: Jason Kuhar

Senior IT Developer: Marc Dumontier

Senior IT Developer: Tedman Leung

Junior IT Developer: Annie Zhou

Agency Coordinator: Aadila Valiallah


Former Staff and Volunteers

Client Participation, Privacy & Security Coordinator: Natalie Comeau

Agency Coordinator: Elizabeth Murray

Intermediate IT Developer, Systems Analyst: Renan Cavero

Senior IT Developer: Victor Weng

Senior HL7 Consultant: Mike Donnelly


Volunteers and Interns

Volunteer Software Developers

  • Victor Weng (Community Volunteer)
  • Mike Donnelly (Community Volunteer)
  • Yang Liu (IT Programmer)

  • Cecilia Cavero (IT Programmer & trainer)

 Volunteer Technical Experts


  • Hui Zhu (Community Volunteer)Senior Associate ,PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dec.2005 – Present, Provides information security management consultancy, provide information security assessment services 
  • Simon Archer LLB, (Community Volunteer), pro bono legal support on contracts and organizational / corporate matters

Project Interns

Martin Betts 2005-2006 (University of Toronto Medical Student):Consent Development Determinants of Community Health project

Amir Shakouripartovi 2005-2006 (University of Toronto Medical Student):Population Level Intake Report Evaluation Determinants of Community Health project

Brodie Ramin 2006-2007 (University of Toronto Medical Student): Population-level statistics and reports: Determinants of Community Health project

Ashton Connor 2006-2007 (University of Toronto Medical student):Staff User Satisfaction & Impact Evaluation Determinants of Community Health project

Tara Rastgardani 2008-2009 (University of Toronto Medical student): Privacy & Consent-Giving Needs of the Chronically Homeless in Toronto with the Integration of Services via Electronic Client-Controlled Access to Records Between Health & Shelter Agencies, Determinants of Community Health project

Christopher Kandel 2008-2009 (University of Toronto Medical student): Assessment of the Coverage by the annual “Let’s Beat the Flu” campaign aimed at the homeless population of Toronto Determinants of Community Health project

Momin Mirza (McGill University Faculty of Management Doctoral candidate): Organizational Culture & IT Adoption


Community Capacity Committee - Chair: Susan Owen (Mount Sinai Hospital)

CAISI Advisory Group

CAISI Client Advisory Group

CAISI Senior Advisory Group

The CAISI Advisory Group is a voluntary group of senior community experts whose members are separately and periodically consulted as specific questions arise or support is required. They do not meet or act as a board (as it would be difficult to schedule them all in the same room at the same time!), however they provide ongoing high level advice and support to the CAISI Project and are kept appraised of major project developments. Participation in this group does not imply any responsibility for directions that the CAISI Project takes. We sincerely thank the members for their help.

CAISI Senior Advisory Group Membership:

  • Brown, Adalsteinn, AB (Harvard), D.Phil (Oxford), University of Toronto Adjunct Faculty, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Health System Strategy Division
  • Lou Anne Meloche, Consultant, Delivery Partners eHealth Ontario
  • Dr. Alex Jadad - Director, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, University Health Network
  • Greg Rogers - Executive Director, The John Howard Society
  • Sue Owen - former Director, Corporate Planning, Mount Sinai Hospital

Community Consultation and Support

The following are individuals who the CAISI team has periodically consulted with but who cannot formally be part of a board or in any way endorse the CAISI Project due to their community appointments or positions. The CAISI Project is complex and requires input, feedback, direction and support from a wide array of expertise in the community. The purpose of this list is to be a demonstration of accountability and due diligence to the community in addressing the many complexities of this project. Presence on this list does not mean nor is intended to imply any endorsement of the CAISI Project or its standards. The dates in brackets are periods during which these individuals were consulted):

  • Dr. Matt Anderson - Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Central LHIN

CAISI Client Advisory Board

The CAISI Client Advisory Board is a fluctuating group of people who are currently or were formerly homeless. The board meets once a month and board meetings can be found at: Client Advisory Board.

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