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Contribution Honour Roll

Free Software Development Honour Roll

We are very grateful for the contributions made by individuals in the community who volunteered their time and expertise to the CAISI project as Open Source software developers. This is particularly important for the CAISI project as we have limited funding and we have taken on a huge task - integrating care - system wide - for those who are homeless to help end this problem. Know that your contributions are making change!

Victor Weng (Community Volunteer)

Contributions: Helped develop together with Johan Macedo, the plug in framework that allowed us to add extensions and modules to the underlying OSCAR program. This facilitated rapid development and early and frequent new releases without impacting on OSCAR.

Mike Donnelly (Community Volunteer)

Contributions: Mike has added soundex capabilities to our client search functions. Minor misspellings of names or variations in name spellings will now be checked for automatically(Program Management Module version 2.0). Mike has very generously worked on several successive versions of this improving on the original functioning. This is the beginning of a very important feature in CAISI that prevents the duplication and fragmentation of care among the homeless. Duplicate records in client managment systems lead to loss of work, waste of resources, errors in care, loss of continuity in client care and many other problems.

Yang Liu (Former CAISI IT Staff)

Contributions: Since she has left the project as full time J2EE programmer, Yang continues to generously donate time on the CAISI project as developer. She has fixed a number of important bugs on the CAISI system these include:...

Free Technical Contributions Honour Roll

We are privileged to have assistance from experts in the community who volunteered and are volunteering their time to the CAISI Open Development project. We could not afford some of these contributions and benefit greatly from them. These efforts ensure that our project meets the highest industry and community standards.


Hui Zhu (Community Volunteer)

Contributions: Mr. Zhu is trained as a information security engineer and he currently works as a Senior Associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers. We have been very fortunate to have Mr. Zhu's expert contributions to the project. These include: Having reviewed with Johan Macedo the cookie revolver framework as a form of 2 factor security. Several penetration tests of the current implementation of CAISI at Seaton House.

Free Advice Honour Roll

We are privileged to have experts in the community volunteering wonderful suggestions to the CAISI Open Development project. As we evolve our approach with an eye towards achieving maximum visibility and sustainability, these generous efforts continue to ensure our project has the best chance to succeed.

Anthon Pang (Software Developer / Consultant, VIP Software Technologies Inc.)

Anthon Pang is a Software Developer/Consultant based in the Toronto area. His employment history includes six years at a leading provider of mobile workforce management solutions in every phase of the software development life cycle, to earlier stints in accounting, sales support, shipping and receiving, inventory management, and embedded systems development. Anthon thrives in tackling the challenges presented in balancing people, process, and technology. He has undertaken positions in product development and implementation, and customer support of large-scale solutions on UNIX® and Windows® platforms. He holds a Diploma of Technology in Computer Systems Technology and is a proponent of lifetime learning. SEE -

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