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eForm building resources

Resources to help you build your own eforms!
eForm DBAP Types
eDoc and eForm upload instructions (783k)
Instructions to add eDocuments and eForms to OSCAR
eForm User's Guide
eForm User's Guide
Template for Making Your Own E-Forms
HTML template which includes helpful hints throughout and a JavaScript that allows you to locate your cursor's pixel location and the distance between two points on the form.
Template for eForm with just a patient label
Template for eForm with just a patient name
Template for eForm with just a patient label and different types of inputs
Template for eForm to redirect to another web-link
Template for eForm to open a stored pdf file
How to upload eForms
Instructions on how to upload eForms to OSCAR.
Oscar Measurements/eForms demonstration
Oscar Measurements/eForms demonstration
Oscar Measurements/eForms demonstration
Preparing eForm Images
A pdf tutorial on how to prepare an image for making eforms.
Eform Generator V 6
2020-Dec-30 1 <!-- eForm Generator version 6.6 --- 6.6 bug fixes only 6.5 further adjusted defaults for width to 825 6.4 adjusted defaults for width to 825 6.3 selection for snappiness added stamps.js as central location for stamps 6.2 file selector for images revert changed relative to absolute positions for page ids 6.1 added some snap to form elements copyright by the OSCAR community including notably Shelter Lee Darius Charlie Livingston re-imagined by Peter Hutten-Czapski 2014-2020 released under AGPL v2+ and other liscences (MIT, LGPL etc) as indicated Dependencies for local testing jQuery 1.4.1 - 1.8.1 jSignature 2 BNK.png For use in OSCAR, the open source EMR load your image files and jSignature and BNK.png into OSCAR eform images and load the HTML into OSCAR's eform editor --- // Updated March 30th - jquery fixes. Updated March 27th - correction to allow for transparent underline in signature script. Updated March 21st - correction of Radio X boxes code. Updated to 6h - which is g plus some elementary validation so that you are prevented from putting in names that have blanks in them --- Updated to 6g March 12th - changes include - Xbox child parent support - a serious attempt to prevent extra pages on print - including fixing the location of the subject line - and making the background setting sticky only within a given input - and setting the default background for Xboxes to white - which solves a lot of formatting issues with pdfs and faxes ----- And cleaned up the generator output to only conditionally load boilerplate - (and we have a lot of it) - removing empty attributes for items - and tidy ed the generated formatting so its a bit easier to follow - and removing ancient CSS that really doesn't work in Firefox ---- all in - shrinking a minimal two page eform to about 100 lines and 4k while increasing the eform generator by a similar amount to 134k in this version ------ Updated to 6e March 11th. Now has less "boiler plate" - From Peter - Here is e - I have dropped the lot of the scrollbar CSS for both the eform generator and generated eforms we don't support IE anymore as its not supported in Firefox anyway and its support in Chrome requires a -webkit- pseudoproperty prefix (The generated bit is commented out at this point in the eform generator so its easy to revert if necessary) ----- The boilerplate has been adapted, The .sig CSS is now conditional on having a jSignature sig class , The checkbox radio and parent child jquery doesn't get put in unless - 1. The date calendar option is checked - AND - 2. There is a "date" or "day" in the name of the text box (today_rx and dob_day excepted) --- That's all I have done yet which gets an "empty form" to 114 lines - I still need to add logic to take out the jquery reference if you are not Xboxing jSignature pdf or faxing --- Updated to 6b March 5th. Now has Radio X boxes and a transparent underline for the signature script. Updated Feb 22nd pm - 5.5d (not sure what happened to c) - more bug fixes AND this has the fax number prefiled for OSCAR fax (if enabled) --- Updated Feb 22nd am - 5.5b which fixes a bug that prevented adjusting textbox locations (introduced in a) --- Updated Feb 21st 2017 - 5.5a Its 5.4 with some of that series bugs ironed out (stamps, divisions a few other niggles) AND it has radio checkboxes and parent child checkboxes both front and back ends lightly debugged --- From Peter HC - Feb 20th 2017 - New in 5.5 automatically sets the default Xbox to a white background (transparent is still available) Checkboxes gain Optional radio button functionality (including yes no) and also for parent child functionality where the parent needs checking to allow for parent checkboxes to be available Its hard to explain easier to try the attached test.html just check each of the check boxes in turn to test it should be self explanatory and if anyone has some eforms that they are willing to test it on, bugs reports are welcome

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