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EMR and Case Management Resources for Users

This is where you will find useful additional resources for your OSCAR system shared by other OSCAR users.




  • eForms: Upload shared eForms to your OSCAR system. Click here to learn how to. Then learn to use the eForm generator to build your own eForms.


  • Measurements: Measure your patients! OSCAR can track specific clinical numeric or text data values over time for patients, with graphing ability. You can freely customize OSCAR measurements to suit your specific needs. Have a look at this great example of customized measurement groups shared by Herb Chang. You can measure and track pretty much anything you can think of, or map measurements to specific electronic lab results! With some advanced eForm tweaking you can even get specific measurements to push-pull into and out of your custom eForms. For a more comprehensive tutorial slide show, shared by Dr Herb Chang, click here for PDF.



  • Run OSCAR in browser tabs! Many users find that running OSCAR in browser tabs (as opposed to multiple pop-up windows) makes for a more streamlined and organized EMR user interface. Thanks to OSCAR community contributor Darius Opensource, this is now possible without quirks. Click here to learn how to set this up on your desktop. *NEW*


  • OscarLetter: A rich text word processor plug-in for OSCAR. Built by an OSCAR user! Click here to learn how to install and use it. Then generate custom letterheads and formatted rich text letters and reports right out of the EMR. Built by Peter Hutten-Czapski, an OSCAR user!


  • MedSpell: Install a medical spelling dictionary Firefox add-on with Canadian medical terminology. Built by Peter Hutten-Czapski, an OSCAR user!



  • Billing form add-ons: Add some extra functionality to your OSCAR billing input work-flow. *NEW*
      • See BC specific billing form add-ons here.
      • Ontario specific billing form add-ons here.

  • Smartphone as a Signature Pad: This cool add-on is a must-have for OSCAR users who have electronic faxing set up, but lack a touch screen to add an original signature to prescriptions or consult reports before faxing them. Instead of having to spend money on expensive touchscreens, or Topaz or Wacom graphics tablets for the office, you can now use the smart-phone in your pocket as a convenient signature pad and transfer the signature into your on-screen prescription in OSCAR. Click here to learn how. *NEW*


  • Database report templates: Use OSCAR's powerful SQL database queries to retrieve all kinds of information from your pool of medical patient data. This link leads to a collection of useful database queries written in XML. Click here to learn how to upload them to your system. For a more in-depth workshop on SQL database searching click here


  • Query by example: This is another interface to OSCAR's SQL database search engine, allowing for more direct searches. This link leads to some shared SQL search templates. You can copy-and-paste them directly into your "Query by Example" interface. For a more in-depth workshop on SQL database searching click here


  • Free-text templates:  Here are some sample clinical free-text templates you can copy and paste into your text template utility in OSCAR, for use in the case notes. Click here to learn how to.





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