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CHADS VASC 2 atrial fibrillation

***Update May 8th 2016*** Peter Loewen, the author has updated his online calculator and now has fancy graphs. This update adds a link button to the OSCAR version and when clicked, puts the patients risks into the URL and in conjunction with a greasemonkey script when the online version is opened, it will populate the risks on this version for you. The link can be used without GM but then you need to manually enter the patients risks. *** PERSONALIZED STROKE RISK ASSESSMENT IN ATRIAL FIBRILLATION (non valvular) - From David Page: Attached is the latest and hopefully the final version of the CHADS VASC eform. Peter Loewen got back to me yesterday and he has upgraded his CHADS2 risk estimates to the BMJ results (if you are interested go to the # next to CHADS VASC and follow that link and it is table 2) This makes some significant changes to the the CHADS2 results! This makes sense to me though as it is a big study compared to the original 2000 patients. He also changed the CHADS VASC risk estimates to the 10 year results I have set the default new agent to Dabigatran 150- you can change this as per your preference. Let me know if you find any errors ---- David ---- Previous Comments ---- The original CHADS VASC study only had 7000 patients and the above one Peter uses has 120 000 patients, so I have changed the numbers to reflect what he used. HOWEVER I do note that the study in the 2011 BMJ also quotes CHADS2 scores which are different to the original data (done on 2000 patients only) and Peter for whatever reason is still using the original results- so I am waiting to hear back from him on this. I have not changed the results on the CHADS2 pending his reply The red Xs on the right select out the portions of the form that will be printed for the patient (my feeling is not to overload the patient with too many options). I have made some default selections, but that can be changed per physician preference. The results can be switched from CHADS VASC to CHADS2 by clicking on the respective buttons and the yellow will indicate which it is. The 5 year risk comes from the Framingham data and I think is a useful adjunct to have with the annual risk. The notes section when printed will indicate whether it was CHADS VASC or CHADS2 that was used. Click on the # hyperlink next to CHADSVASC to see the paper Peter is using and it will explain the differences. ---- David
CHADS VASC 2 Zip file May 8th 2016 update
Importing this file will bring in all the needed files and place them in the appropriate places. ***NB*** if you have previously uploaded this eform, you will need to delete the old version in order for the new version to upload.
Greasemonkey Script to transfer risk factors from the OSCAR server version of the calculator to the online version May 8th 2016
when the online version is opened (ie using the button in the OSCAR server version), this greasemonkey script will populate the risks from the OSCAR server version to the online version for you.
Basic HTML file - requires 2 js files to work properly : DHTMLmain.js and ComboStrokeRisk2.js
JS script for pop ups etc
For the proper functioning of the CHADSVASC2 eform (and possibly others in the future) . Upload to the images section as you would a png file for an eform.
JS script for stroke risk
For the proper functioning of the CHADSVASC2 eform . Upload to the images section as you would a png file for an eform.

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