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Cushioned Cotton Eversheer
Truly Transparent
UlceRx Kit

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Donning Devices:
Rubber Gloves S.O.S. (Slip On SIGVARIS) Easy Slide
UlceRx Underliner Cornu-Thenard Extensor
Note: All Sigvaris Stockings are Recommended for Travel
Compression Indications
20-30 mmHg -Heavy, fatigued, tired, aching legs
-Mild varicosities during pregnancy
-Mild varicosities with minimal edema
-Minimal edema upper extremities
-Post-sclerotherapy of small veins
30-40 mmHg -Moderate to severe varicosities with mild edema during pregnancy
-Mild varicosities with moderate edema
-Post fracture, Post traumatic edema
-Post sclerotherapy or phlebectomy of larger veins or after vein stripping to maintain treatment success
-CVI Grades I and II*
-DVT or Post Thrombotic Syndrome
-Mild primary lymphedema after decongestant therapy to maintain reduction, secondary lymphedema or moderate edema of the upper extremities
40-50 mmHg -Severe varicosities
-Severe edema
-Primary and reversable lymphedema after decongestant therapy for reduction maintenance
-Pronounced CVI (Grades II and III*)
-Severe Post traumatic and Post fracture edema
-Recurrent venous ulceration (GradeIIIa)
-Severe Post Thrombotic Syndrome
50-60 mmHg -Primary lymphedema after decongestant therapy for reduction maintenance
-Severe Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS)