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Lab requisitions

A collection of lab req eForms

Lab Requisition

Lab Requisition with a "shortcut menu" that lets you click and automatically fills in a set of commonly ordered labs. You'll need to upload both the html file and the image file.

Lab Requisition - Read More…

BC Bio Med Requisition Backside

Backside of BC BioMed lab req - list of all BC BioMed locations and test instructions

BC Bio Med Requisition Backside - Read More…

Midwife Standard Outpatient Lab Requisition

Update from John Yap - I managed to get a "clean pdf" of the SOPLR for RM's from the VCH contact. It's a nice background, but it's the Feb'04 version, with the typo's and all! (URNINE!!). So, unwilling to wait, I fixed it and more! I think you'll like the differences. It's zipped. JohnY From John Yap - Dina, I took a stab at searching for a nice background to the SOPLR. Sadly - no where to be found. Someone has collected a suite of req's on the VIHA site, but they are generally poorly scanned images. It's not available even on the Midwifery college site, and certainly not on the MoH site, where one would expect it. Seems like BCWH and the private labs aren't interested in posting this either. So I started using the image available and in the midst of fine tuning it realized that it was upgraded to your version - May'04. Some of the nomenclature is odd. The liver function tests are really liver enzymes. And the urine protein/Cr ration is simply ACR. So I did what I could with it, and modified it to conform with Oscar's date format. Plus fixed a typo or two. The result is zipped up, and you can try it simply by "importing" into eForm library. It will automatically push the image to your image library. Unless you already have an eForm with the exact same name, it should upload fine. You do need V12 though. I've included the quick-pick menu, which our regular lab req has, and which is easily customized if there is a grouping of labs you always use. Just follow the format you see, or ask your OSP to help out. Comments welcome. JohnY

Midwife Standard Outpatient Lab Requisition - Read More…

Cytology Dynacare

This form was provided by Dr. Jaques Bender. I have made some slight modifications and added a menu. <!----- Created September 2013 by Jaques Bender with modifications by John Robertson. Checks for locum physician, pushes and pulls LMP, fills subject line with type of cytology, has a time stamp, Copyright at bottom is to insure that the form is used as intended and is not commercialized--->

Cytology Dynacare - Read More…

Standard Outpatient Lab Requisition ( SOPLR) November 2014

October 2016 (as well) - From JohnY - I have noticed that some of the lipid links at the bottom of the eForm are dead ends. Plus the references are a bit dated. Some more current links have been found. I struggled to make the SOPRL full Jquery capable with Xboxes. --- October 2016 - Update to the SOPLR by Khai Phan - added Fosfomycin sensitivity to be pasted onto the Additional Test box when one clicks on Urine C&S and fasting instructions pasted into Patient Instructions when Fasting Glucose box clicked. --- Latest updates as of February 5th. There is a NEW Loinc code for eGFR- 62238-1. This was added to the file LabDecisionSupport3.js replacing LabDecisionSupport2.js ---- If you have not yet loaded any of the November 2014 lab requisitions, it is suggested you load the standard version (however, all 3 versions have been updated). --- If you have previously loaded one of the versions your options would be to 1) Delete the eform and reload it with one of the zip files below (you will get several lines of red text stating that some files were already loaded and were not reloaded - that's OK) or 2) To fix it yourself you will need to do the following: In the html you will need to look for: ${oscar_image_path}LabDecisionSupport2.js ------ And change the 2 to 3 : ------- ${oscar_image_path}LabDecisionSupport3.js ---- You will then need to load the LabDecisionSupport3.js provided in to your images folder.

Standard Outpatient Lab Requisition ( SOPLR) November 2014 - Read More…

Lifelabs Naturopathy Testing

These two forms have been provided by NERD BC - LifeLabs_Naturopathy General Test and LifeLabs_Naturopathy Profile Test, both have been commissioned by Balance Medical Center.

Lifelabs Naturopathy Testing - Read More…

Standard Outpatient Laboratory Requisition (SOPLR) 2018

This is the new form mandated by Doctors of BC and the Labs in BC. It replaces the 2014 and 2016 versions. It is based on the previous versions and includes the "smart" features available in the previous versions.

Standard Outpatient Laboratory Requisition (SOPLR) 2018 - Read More…

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