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eForms in development/beta testing

These eForms are not intended for general download and use. This area is for the uploading of test/development versions. When developers are happy with an eForm it will be moved to the general 'eForms for download' area.
Useful Code
Code that enhances the OSCAR user's experience. This started out as a collection of various types of files with code that could be inserted into new eforms to improve/enhance their performance. It has now expanded to include code that can be added to enhance the way OSCAR works in Firefox (Greasemonkey scripts), and other code/pdfs/forms that can be added on to OSCAR, or used by the office to improve work flow.
Two Page Letter with buttons.
A two page letter with buttons to fill some of the basic measurements etc. Possibly useful for consults or Medical Legal Letters.
Fifteen Page letter with Buttons
I was asked to make a 15 page letter with buttons for someone who does long Medical Legal letters. The first five pages have buttons to draw many of the parts of the demographic and measurements. There are also some buttons with canned text and a button to print out a CV. Uses the blank page as the image. JohnR
Ontario eforms for sorting
For review and potential posting by interested Ontario users.
Diagnostic Tools
From David Chan: (this) attachment is a tool to create diagnostic pathway for a number of conditions based on likelihood ratios (mostly from the JAMA Rational Clinical Examination series). You can unzip the file and run the file called conditionIndex.html. I am hoping to turn this into another App for MyDrugRef (soon to be renamed to Know2Act or K2A). Send me your feedback, or better still, add to the list of conditions!! Have fun with it. It's a great teaching tool for my EBM seminars. David David H Chan, MD, CCFP, MSc, FCFP Professor and Director of Information Technology Department of Family Medicine
MoCA 2014
Update September 2014 --- Not sure how the Oscar community will accept this info - but the “powers that be” at Center for Dx and Research on Alzheimer’s disease (CEDRA) who own the copyright to the MoCA dementia assessment tool, do not want any publication of an “autocalculating” version of that test - which basically means we cannot use an EMR-version, and are forced to use a paper version. As such, it becomes basically useless for us. Apparently they are developing their own “electronic” version of the tool, which is not likely to integrate with any EMR. I tried to point this out to the contact person, but I don’t think she understands that what I’ve developed is for “all” to share, even them! I would like to communicate directly with the physician lead, and he has been cc’d, but nothing so far. So - I think we’ll have to remove it from OCUS, and put in the statement from CEDRA, dated Aug27/14. Hello John, Unfortunately we do not authorize the development of programs that auto-calculate the MoCA© as we are developing such a tool. Kind regards, Kathleen Gallant, MSOT Occupational Therapist/Psychometrician On behalf of Dr Ziad Nasreddine, Neurologist, MoCA© Copyright Owner CEDRA: Center for Diagnosis and Research on Alzheimer's disease 4896 Taschereau Blvd, suite 250, Greenfield Park, J4V 2J2, Québec, Canada Tel: 450-672-1931 ext: 285 Fax: 450-672-1443 MoCA form updated by John Yap --- adapted the push/pull/non-measurement features from EOL into the MoCA.
Highridge Medical Sleep Apnea Oxygen referral 2018
Referral to Highridge Medical for Sleep Apnea Testing and Oximetry
BCCA Hereditary Cancer Program Referral Form 2018
The Hereditary Cancer Program (HCP) provides genetic counselling and genetic testing for BC/Yukon residents who may have inherited an increased risk for specific types of cancer. This form was updated March 2018
Peripheral_Blood_Chromosome_Analysis_and_FISH 2018 Fraser Health Referral eFrom
Referral form to Molecular Cytogenetics at the Royal Columbian Hospital
Kintec: Footwear + Orthotics 2018
Canadian board certified pedorthists specializing in custom foot orthotics
BCWH Maternal Fetal Medicine Referral 2018
2018-Sep-22 16:38 - Updated so that EGA can be calculated regardless of whether EDC has previously been stored in measurements. Referral to BCWH for MFM. There are 2 versions of the form. The first version is plain and does not have any added measurements for "term" "preterm" etc. The second one includes all of these measurements for those that wish to add them to their server. Both versions contain code to change dates from the format 2018-09-19 --- to --- 19/Sep/2018. Both versions can calculate the EGA if the EDC has previously been stored in measurements.
Surrey-North Delta Primary Care Network_Referral_2018 was Home Health
Referral form to Surrey - North Delta Primary Care Network ( Was Home Health )
Inlet Community Birth Program Referral eForm 2018
Form created by Dina Ryan Davidson with contributions from John Yap and John Robertson. Referral to Inlet Community Birth Program - Port Moody BC.
CGH Adult Parenteral Iron PPO October 2018
This form has been updated again and all calculations have been removed.

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