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Eform Linker By David Page

Submitted By David Page - Thanks to collaborative work of Darius Opensource, John Robertson and myself, we now have new code to increase the power of eForms. We are now able to create "buttons" in eForms that link to other eForms, eDocs or even to other aspects of the patient file. Attached is the template code. For those that are interested in a demonstration, the attached code can be loaded as an eForm and run BUT you have to use it in an actual PATIENT chart as it requires a demographic number to work. Couple of idiosyncrasies I have noted- the Rx will not paste into the encounter(but does save in the Rx module), billing you need to manually insert provider and date. Caveat: For the linking to eForms and eDocs: All eForms and eDocs when uploaded into OSCAR servers acquire a unique SEQUENTIAL ID number. Unfortunately this number is going to be different between servers so each server will have to manually adjust this number for the eForm or eDoc target. This is actually very easy to do though: Open the eForm from any location and look in the url for the fid number eg https://../eform/efmformadd_data.jsp?fid=479&demographic_no=27853&apptProvider=&appointment= Open the eDoc and look in the url for the doc_no eg https://../dms/ Once you have these numbers they will need to be manually entered into the code where you see fid= and doc_no=: function eLink () {"../eform/efmformadd_data.jsp?fid=14&demographic_no="+RegExp.$1+ "&apptProvider=&appointment="); } function dLink () {"../dms/"); } I have put in random fid and doc_no's into the example code so it will work for demo purposes but will be unpredictable in what it brings up- I think patient specific documents and eDocs are in the same table so it may bring up a different patient specific document... This code will have many different uses- linking handouts to eForms, the ability to say link the SPA form for Spiriva to the COPD action plan as simple examples. I am working on an End of Life eForm (for the PSP module) and it will have a lot of similar links. DavidP
Eform Linker HTML
An example of code that allows you to link to other eforms and edocs on your server. Please see the explanation given in the Folder Description. From David Page
Eform linker js file
From John Yap - js file to store in image section to work as described above - Description from John - The script was originally embedded in the HTML of the eForm, but since it’s the same script no matter what the eForm, it was then hived off to the image file for reference. A number of Oscar components can be accessed via the onBodyLoad.js script. The original one works fine, except for the billing reference. It goes to the “generic default” billing form, and no the chosen GP form. Sorry to the specialists using this!! This one behaves better and has all the other references unchanged. Unfortunately, it has exactly the same name as the previous js script in the image file, so you will have to delete (very carefully!) the old image js file, and upload this one. You only have to do this once, for each server. JohnY

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