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Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey is an add on for Firefox. It allows for execution of java script on specific browser pages. Examples include renaming Labs and jumping days/weeks/months in the appointment calendar. Greasemonkey must first be installed on the computer being used. After greasemonkey is installed, any file ending in ".user.js" can be opened with firefox and it will be added to the firefox plug ins. Thanks to the many contributors for these scripts.
Introduction to Greasemonkey By Darius Opensource
Presented at OSCAR CON 2013 Vancouver by John Robertson
Introduction to Greasemonkey By Darius Opensource in PDF form
Copy of the Talk I gave on Darius' behalf at the OSCAR-CON 2013 Vancouver
Rename Labs
Changes generic lab names into more recognizable names. Button at the bottom of the encounter panel allows you to run this script. The names will revert back when you leave the encounter. This script can be modified to re name as many reports as required, or to change the names as required. Open in text editor such as notepad or notepad++, instructions are commented out inside the js script.
Appointment Calendar add on
Updated January 2016 - bottom buttons did not work on some browsers - this updates restores that functionality. Add on for the main appointment screen that allows user to jump forward or back several preset amounts. You can also insert a specific number and jump forward or back that many weeks or months.
OSCAR in Tabs
Greasmonkey Scripts for using OSCAR in Tabs in newer versions of Firefox
Importing Social History in Consults
Here is the thinking behind this script: Another request (either for Grease Monkey or programming). We are a "legacy" clinic so all our Family History is in the Social History summary box...those were the old days! We have not changed as it will require a lot of modifications to our eForms etc as they bring in information from the social history box and for the longest time there were issues with the dbase tag for Family History (not sure if this is fixed either). Now with the new V12.1 the consult screen will bring in the Family History summary box (which for us is empty) but it has dropped support for Social History. I would think it would be simple cut and paste programming to bring in a Social History button (which the modern users do not have to use). Can Grease Monkey be used to create a script that would either add a Social History button OR change the direction of the current Family History button to bring in the Social History information instead??? Happy New Year everyone! David ----And the reply from Darius Opensource--- > Can Grease Monkey be used to create a script that would > either add a Social History button ... Yes, it appears it can... Attached is SocialHistoryInConsults.user.js Let me know if it behaves as expected.
Send and Archive Button for Messages
Here is the thinking/discussion behind this greasmonkey script: -----I have another longstanding issue......I hate to be greedy but you seem to do this with ease! When we do messaging, my workflow is to open the message and on this screen I have the option to "reply" or to "delete" (see MessageScreen). Typically I reply (see SendDelete) and here I only have the option to "Send Message" and then go back to the message inbox. As a second step I either have to open the message again and then click delete or I can check the box next to the message and click "archive" to delete it. What I would love to see is a button next to "Send Message" that says "Send and Delete" so that I have the option of deleting the message from this screen without having to remember to do the second step??? Is this possible for Grease Monkey? Thanks for all you work. David ---- And the answer from Darius Opensource ---- > Is this possible for Grease Monkey? Yes, it appears it is. Attached SendAndArchive.user.js does the trick.
Set Default for Tickler
Created by Darius Opensource. Need to edit one line. This greasmonkey script will allow you to set a default for the ticklers (such as front desk) --- Here is the discussion --- > With our Tickler system in our office we have created a person called "Front Desk" to which 99% of the ticklers are directed. This allows any of the staff to deal with the ticklers that we send out (some of our staff work part time so are not there every day, they also rotate their roles from day to day). > > I have attached the workflow that I use: > 1) Starting in the patient encounter page I click on the + next to tickler > 2) Then in the tickler screen the default destination is the person logged in (ie me) > 3) I then have to search for "Front Desk" and make them the tickler destination > > My question is: > Can one rig it so that clicking on the + next to tickler opens the tickler screen with the default destination being "Front Desk" and not the viewing person??? --- And from Darius --- Yes, it appears that is possible. Try the attached TicklerDefaults.user.js and let me know if the script performs as expected. --- Darius was asked about editing the script and said: --- > have the same workflow and would like "front desk" > to be the default as well. If Greasemonkey scripts are an option, try the TicklerDefaults.user.js script. You may have to edit line 7 of the script to match how front desk appears in the list. Line 7 of TicklerDefaults.user.js: var theDefault='Front, Desk'; Change 'Front, Desk' to suit your needs. e.g. If it appears as Desk, Front, then edit line 7 to: var theDefault='Desk, Front';
code to retain the information about which community/site you are billing from.
Here is the discussion On 13-01-15 03:14 PM, Darius Opensource wrote: > >eg. I often have to bill from different community which thus needs > to be set, every time I >do a bill, which at 30-40 bills gets to be a > chore........ > > Attached is PersistentClarificationCode.user.js assuming it is the > clarification code that need persist for the session. >
Referral Physician Default
Yet another Greasmonkey script from Darius Opensource. This one is a long awaited fix for specialists to streamline billing. Once a referral physician has been designated in a previous billing, that name will come up as a hyperlink for future billings. Here is the discussion. > --- On Tue, 1/15/13, Darius Opensource <darius.opensource@...> wrote: > > From: Darius Opensource <darius.opensource@...> > Subject: Re: [OSCAR-advanced-users] Greasemonkey to set default flags on BC Billing form? > To: "A list for advanced OSCAR user discussions" <oscarmcmaster-advanced-users@...> > Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2013, 6:14 PM > > >it would be nice to also be able to set the default "by" referral doctor MSP number for all >specialist's billings associated with a specific patient. > > Attached is ReferralPhysicianDefaults.user.js > > It extracts the referral physician information if any from the last invoice associated with a specific patient > > Let me know if it behaves as expected. > > > > --- On Fri, 1/4/13, Gunther Klein <drgklein@...> wrote: > > From: Gunther Klein <drgklein@...> > Subject: [OSCAR-advanced-users] Greasemonkey to set default flags on BC Billing form? > To: "A list for advanced OSCAR user discussions" <oscarmcmaster-advanced-users@...> > Date: Friday, January 4, 2013, 9:23 PM > > I have another request/challenge for our resident Greasmonkeymaster Darius: > > This one refers to setting a default on the BC billing form. Specifically the "by" referral flag. > > Background: You get "to" and "by" flags associated with referral bills. The "to" flag is set for a given bill submitted by a GP when a referral to a specialist is associated with the bill. Conversely, the "by" flag is set for a given bill submitted by a specialist for any service bill associated with a referral by a GP. > > The factory default behaviour is for the BC billing form to open with the "to" referral billing flag set. This is optimized for family doctor work-flow. However I keep hearing about requests from staff working in specialist offices for a way to have the "by" referral billing flag set by default. It is a little thing but it adds many repetitive extra mouse clicks to the workday of OSCAR using specialists and their MOAs. > > Could this be elegantly handled with a little optional user.js script? > > Gunther > > PS: Of course ultimately we would like to see this addressed more comprehensively in future updates of the BC billing module, since it would be nice to also be able to set the default "by" referral doctor MSP number for all specialist's billings associated with a specific patient. > >
Billing Shortcuts for Ontario
Created by Andrew Renner - here is his description: For = anyone that is interested - here is the first version of the billing = script. I feel like it saved me about 30 minutes in billing = tonight and 100's of clicks! When = testing – you can uncomment two sections = of the script – I marked them with // **** uncomment these three = lines for testing **** // The = last two functions (setOutPatient and setEmergPatient) will need to be = modified to match the values in your VisitType and Location drop down = boxes: Emerg Patient Settings: OutPatient Settings: Requirements: 1) = The script shall make the service date text box = editable 2) = The script shall add a button to set the = Outpatient location and visit type – needs to be edited to = match your settings 3) = The script shall add a button to set the = Emergency location and visit type – needs to be edited to = match your settings 4) The script shall add a = button to set the Clinic location and visit type – needs to be edited to = match your settings 5) = The script shall save the service date, visit = location, visit type and admission date when Save Settings is = checked 6) = The script shall load the service date, visit = location, visit type and admission date when Save Settings is = checked 7) = The script shall remove the saved service date, = visit location, visit type and admission date when Save Settings is = unchecked Installation = Instructions: 1) = Save the file attached to this email and rename = the extension from .txt to .js 2) = Right click on file and open with = firefox 3) = You will get a popup message telling you it is = installed
Express Billing Code
Created By Darius Opensource - here is the discussion.----- > It would be very efficient to have: &= gt; Continue/Another Bill/Having the default billing form open > = ; ALL with one button (called "Another Bill") in the > FIRST sc= reen > somewhere close to continue. > So this would be doing ab= out 4 steps with one click..... Attached ExpressBilling.user.js adds= 'Another Bill' and 'Save Bill' to the first screen and defaults to 'Day Sh= eet' If you wish to change the default billing form, edit line 8. During initial use, please verify that the invoices have been created = until you are confident the script is behaving as expected.
EChart_KeyboardShortcuts.user.js file updated 2015
Update by Khai Phan - I've modified Darius' original GM script to include: Alt+2 - activates the save button (floppy disc icon) Alt+3 - activates the sign/save/exit button (rectangle w/ arrow icon) Alt+4 - activates the sign/save/bill button (Dollar sign icon) Alt+5 - activates the Exit button (Door with red arrow icon) doesn't work on Mac because Alt key takes 2 key clicks to activate. I've done a script for Mac using Ctrl if anyone is interested. Again caveat emptor and if doesn't work, 100% refund for the cost of the script is available! Khai ----- Created by Darius Opensource: A sample Greasemonkey script for adding keyboard shortcuts to the EChart. I have added one shortcut to the script Alt+4 (Pressing 4 while pressing one of the Alt keys) will 'Sign, Save & Bill' If that shortcut conflicts with existing shortcuts, it can be changed by editing the script. Feedback always welcome.
GreaseMonkey - Billing Script (Ontario) - V2
Tools for the Image Folder
Greasemonkey scripts for managing image files in OSCAR.
On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 2:59 PM, Darius Opensource < darius.opensource@...> wrote: > There appears to be a subtle change to the schedule page in recent builds > of Oscar 12.1. > Try the attached Schedule_KeyboardShortcuts_v0.3.user.js and let me know > how you fare. > > Darius. Darius, For me, this greasemonkey script still opens to edit appointment whenever there is a tickler assigned to the patient. Version 0.2 was supposed to fix it but it doesn't work for me (firefox esr 24.1.0, OSCAR 12 in tabs). Help please?
Prescription module add on n to annotate all medications covered by Fair PharmaCare/ Income Assistance plans in BC and Quebec's RGAM
Update Feb 9 2014 - QC_RGAM.user.js attempts to annotate medications covered by Quebec's RGAM (Le regime general d'assurance medicaments) as such. Le script ci-joint, QC_RGAM.user.js, tente d'annoter medicaments couverts par le RGAM en tant que tels. Reference/Refrence: Vos commentaires sont toujours les bienvenus. Darius. Update Feb 8 2014 - pharmaCare.user.js attempts to annotate all medications covered by the Fair PharmaCare/Income Assistance plans. My reference for Pharmacare covered medications is: Please disable or remove filterDrugSearch.user.js before installing pharmaCare.user.js (the old file has been removed from the OSCAR web page) As always, feedback most welcome. Darius.Created by Darius Opensource. This Greasemonkey script allows you to annotate drugs in the prescription module. The example in the script is the annotation (Pharmacare) beside Metrogel 1%. Similar to the Rename the Labs script, this script can be built on to add more annotations as they become necessary. A second commented out example is in the script so that you can see what multiple annotations would look like. JohnR
Automated billing button(s) for The encounter page
February 2014 - This is a greasmonkey Script more aimed at specialists. It creats (in this version) 3 buttons on the bottom left hand side of the encounter screen. Each button will capture the billing number for the referral physician listed on the demographics page and insert it in the referred to/by input of the billing form. Along with this it will fill in a billing code and a diagnostic code that you can designate by editing the script. Thanks to David Page for the code to pull the filling number, and to Darius Opensource for the greasemonkey fine tuning.
Greasemonkey Scripts shared by Dr Stan Hurwitz: E-Chart buttons, demographics tweaks and for the Dymo label printer
You need to set up at least one Dymo label printer on your computer. The code will send to the first LabelWriter printer it finds. The good part is that this does not change Oscars default SendTo printer. If "Dymo printer not found" alerts you may have to click on "allow access". ----- Use preferences to place a link to the Dymo printer form on "eForms to display on appointment screen". I've attached greasemonkeys that insert a Dymo Print button on to the Master and Encounter screens (together with a host of other functions). ----- Print_appointment.user.js - Button that mines the details and prints appointment label eform (Set your own specific fid form number) ----- Echart_Buttons.user.js - Inserts a Dymo label print button plus various navigation buttons for echart screen. Set your own specific fid (form number) or Measurement groupName. ----- Demographic_copy.user.js - Inserts Dymo label print button onto Master screen. Copies demographic address/phone from the master screen (can be set to copy mum's PHN for newborn). Pastes address/phone details into another demographic's edit screen (requires "allow cookies on") ----- label_print.user.js - Set your own specific defaults for Oscar's native labels
Greasemonkey scripts for Reports from excelleris
January 25-2018 - Additional script added to fix problem with text not being copied and having to copy 1 line past the information required. July 27-2017 Additional script to reformat reports in to a more printer friendly style. Removes unnecessary columns. From Stanley Hurwitz - Two attached scripts: 1. Button to copy selected text from TRANSCRIPTION and CELLPATH reports directly to encounter notes. 2. Highlight selected text on TRANSCRIPTION and CELLPATH reports. Clicking the save button automatically adds the report author's name to the label textbox together with the highlighted line numbers. (The report is not altered in any way; highlight coding is saved to the report label). 3. Shortcut keys: Alt + q Saves report Author to label and opens Acknowledge Box. Alt + w Saves selected words to label and opens Acknowledge Box. Alt + t Opens tickler box. Alt + Z Saves without changing the label and opens Acknowledge Box. These scripts work for FireFox - i've not tested for Chrome browsers. You will notice that "Highlight Mode On" is required for script 2. This is Firefox's DESIGN MODE that allows me to add CSS coding to the screen web page. Design mode changes the way the screen responds to mouse clicks so I've added a "Highlight Mode Off" (= to DesignMode Off) if needed for compatibility with other scripts.
Greasemonkey Scripts for export and import of Patient Charts
Project to transfer complete patient records from one OSCAR server to another
HT and Weight Converter
Greasemonkey script to convert ht and wt from metric to imperial and place the imperial measurements in the comments. Used in the measurements section - instructions from Stanley Hurwitz: --- 1. Set up a measurement screen called "BMI and converter" 2. Add measurement types BMI, HT, WT 3. Load attached GreaseMonkey script. ----- Extra Programming Information --- This script can be adapted for any measurement screen: 1. @include line: Change groupName=BMI* to the name of your existing measurement screen. 2. inputValue-2 and comments-2: replace 0, 1 and 2 with the number corresponding to the field row numbers of BMI, WT and HT on your measurement screen. The first row is 0(zero). The results should post automatically to the encounter screen on submitting the form.
Building Blocks for Greasemonkey Scripts
Future Home of files to help build greasemonkey scripts
Billy Lin - His contributions to Greasemonkey scripts and other helpful hints.
Hi Keith et al., A quick self-intro, my name is Billy Lin, a FM resident at UBC. I am the resident who had the pleasure of working with Dr. David Page over the last three weeks. I've organized some of what we did here: Right now I've put up information about "EmailTextEngine <>" which is a project enabling emailing or texting patients who have consented to receive such communication directly from the EMR. Thanks for pointing out the downloadURL and updateURL metadata tags. Those would be a good way to keep the scripts in sync especially for authors who wish to share the scripts with the public and maintain them on a public repository. Keith, do you know if the @updateURL has to be just the metadata block? Can I just point it to the same user script file as @downloadURL? For a group practice who wants to keep their private GM scripts in sync across computers and preferably avoid having to install GM scripts on dozens of computers each time a new script comes up, I think somehow syncing the gm_scripts folders on each machine would be a preferred solution. A quick look on Google hasn't yielded much other than the 2009 conversation about the Shell Extension David's saw: Looks promising but I don't have multiple windows machines to test. I would avoid having a giant script of all scripts that gets loaded on all sorts of unrelated pages on OSCAR though. That could get messy very fast. Just my 2 cents. Cheers! Billy
Greasemonkey to set default billing physician and todays date
From Stan Hurwitz --- When billing for a non-scheduled service (INR, phone calls, etc.) the billing screen defaults to service date = null and Select Provider. This script populates the date field with today's date and the default billing physician. On clicking "Populate default provider" you will be asked to select the default provider. This is stored as a cookie in the computer hard drive. The default physician can be changed by clicking on "Store default provider". If your FF is set to "private browsing", the cookie will be deleted on exiting FF and will need to be reset on re-loading. For solo practitioners the default provider can be set permanently: 1. delete or comment the line: var theDefault=default_doc 2. uncomment the line: //var theDefault='Hurwitz, Stanley D'; and insert your name exactly as it appears in the provider option list (Caps,spaces and commas matter here). This script can be run concurrently with my script for one click time setting for time-dependent billing codes. I've placed the buttons such that they hopefully do not overlap (button placement may need tweaking in accordance with your screen setup). Stan.
Greasemonkey Scripts from David Page
GM script Hyperlink to report associated with a tickler
From Stanley Hurwitz: GM SCRIPT that adds a hyperlink to the report associated with a tickler. When viewing ticklers from the scheduler screen, associated documents and reports can be accessed by clicking on ATT. This hyperlink is not available when viewing ticklers from the encounter screen. This is a problem for me when a six month or 12 month recall comes up, say, for example an ultrasound a year ago. I have to look through twelve months of documents and reports for the reference. Updated script attached (Version 1.1): 1. Links directly to the pdf file without the intermediate step 2. Only displays the hyperlink if a document is attached to the tickler. Stan
Script to Change the name of the referral physician in referral letters
This script replaces the following lines in the referral letter: --- 1. "Please reply to Dr. Jones by fax or by phone with appointment" with "Please contact the patient directly with your appointment details or reply to Dr. Jones by fax with appointment". ----- 2. "In Association with Dr. Jones" is replaced with "Thank you and best regards,". ----- And the Feng Shui modification by Gunther ---- That blurb about replying by fax to the clinic in large bold print at the top of the consult forms has always offended my sense of Feng Shui. Attached is a version (1.2) of Stan's script that simply removes that paragraph altogether. I actually think that looks less cluttered. -----Updated March 31 2015 -----Small addendum to the Referral letter script. There are occasions when i need to add further information to my referral letter, such as lab updates, new information etc. To do this I add an addendum paragraph to the original letter. My receptionist tells me that she subsequently receives a call from the specialists's front office questioning why we sent a repeat consultation request. She has to explain that this is an addendum and not a duplicate. The attached GM update clarifies the situation: Just click on the ADDENDUM button and viola - no further ambiguity! (I've made the button float downwards to remind me to click it). Stan
Auto Expand Greasemonkey Script
Created by Stan Hurwitz, Description by Gunther Klein - The problem: I find it cumbersome to have to repeatedly click the "Expand all notes" button in the E-chart encounter screen, and then keep scrolling to the top to load old notes and click the button again to expand them. So Stan wrote a Greasemonkey that automates this. It has gone through a few permutations in my office, but the attached version anchors an "Auto-Expand" button at the bottom window edge, which onclick scrolls up and then clicks the expand button three times in short time intervals, then repeats this once. 8 inputs for the price of one click.
Preventions Screen Automation Greasemonkey Script
From Stan Hurwitz - In the preventions window, it requires 18+ clicks to record a vaccine administered in 1999. This GM plugs in the year (plus -11-01) with one click.
Sort Report by Template in alpha numeric order - greasemonkey script
GM that sorts Report by Template (RBT) list in alphanumeric order. I have kept the old list intact as we are used to the current order. Scroll down the page to see the new list. If preferred, I can remove the old list entirely. Let me know. For the techies, the script contains an additional line that will read a demographic parameter from the URL as 'params.demographic_no' Stan.
Schedule screen navigation buttons and Favorite Specialist greasemonkey scripts
Both GM's are required for the links to work. They will work out of the box, but can be tweaked for links to your favorite RBT's. The GM places navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. The button size makes them ideal for touch screen use. The Links buttons are: Today, and week views in 2w, 3w, 4w, 2m,3m,6m. Search Upload documents Assign new documents There are two custom direct links to your two favorite RBT's. (You will need to insert your own template id in the areas indicated at the top of the script. To do this you will need to open the script in text viewer such as WordPad or NotePad). The 'Edit Specialist' and 'Specialist' links take you directly to the external provider details. To add a new referral doctor's details, click on the 'SPECIALIST' button. Then search for the new doctor. Click on the doctors billing number link. Then click on "Add Specialist" and you are done! The details are automatically copied into your referral doctor list. You will still have to assign the specialist to his/her own specialty as usual. To edit Specialist details, click on 'Edit Specialist'. (If the add or edit Specialist screens act in a way to which you are unaccustomed, simply turn off the Monkey and refresh) Word of caution: Your receptionists will love these buttons. Once the front office gets used to them, they may not be able to cope without them. Stan.
GM to sort Lab result Row Display.
From Stanley Hurwitz. GM that sorts Lab results - Row Display into alphabetical order.
No Know Drug Allergies button
Updated June 6 - 2015: Now includes Codeine Environmental allergies and SBE prophylaxis. Updated May 31 - 2015: Updated to version 2.6 - ACEI added to "others" and buttons are now also available on the demographics page. Updated to version 2.5 - Latex allergy is now with the "others", Macrolides now come with the notation after it (erythromycin et al). Updated to version 2.4 - erythromycin allergy changed to macrolides so that azythromicin is captured. Latex allergy button added. Updated version 2.2 is attached. Small bug I've noticed: avoid clicking the "Other" button twice in a row - you will have to refresh the web page if you do. Rather click on "Cancel" if you change your mind. I have updated the script to version 2.0. The script adds an 'Other' button for quick navigation to four common allergies. As always, please be reminded that my scripts are published without any warranties and that the end-user assumes all responsibility for the scripts installation and function. I have copied and pasted the URL codes that OSCAREMR uses for specific allergies and I assume, but have not verified, that drug allergy alerts will remain in effect. Stan.. Created by Stanley Hurwitz - Greasemonkey script for the encounter screen that allows you to jump directly to allergies and add "NKDA" to the allergies.
Button to jump from consult module and demographics page
Created by Stan Hurwitz - to allow MOAs to jump from the consult module to the demographics page for more contact information etc.
Button to expand previews in the inbox/lab pane
From Stan Hurwitz and John Yap - InBox review in Preview mode generates about 10 items at a time, and you have to scroll DOWN to get more to load up. This has to be done repeatedly if you have many items to preview (e.g. more than 20 items). It’s akin to the auto-expand for the encounter notes. The one click, does the scrolling/expanding for you, it allows you to do the equivalent of 4 scroll-downs with 1 click. Best used in Preview mode for scanned items - because HL-7 reports render poorly in Preview mode.
Link from Tickler to eChart
Update September 2016 - There was a bug fix that interfered with the previous version of this GM script - this has been fixed and the GM now has an additional feature that yellow highlights ticklers marked "High".From Stan Hurwitz as a follow up to the code from Keith Chung - here is Stan's comment - Hi All. The attached script works on my system. It requires that provider no. 999998 (Oscar's default physician) exist on your system. I have also added a floating bar for the buttons that are normally located at the bottom of the screen.
Greasemonkey script to add pre-assigned text to categorize new documents.
This GM inserts pre-assigned text to categorize new documents. It requires significant customization for each individual system, so it's not for all. The arrays at the beginning need to be modified to your own needs (your own usual specialists, forms etc. ------- Some caveats. ------- The Document Type is found in the first line of each DT (data type) group and must match your Oscar data types exactly. Do not forget the comma after each line as illustrated below - the comma is essential for the program to work. For the doctor's name, place a space before Dr. as in ' Dr.' This will allow the program to sort doctor names alphabetically on top and the specialty types below. I have used a logic flow that hopefully places the cursor into the appropriate field for the next keyboard entry. ------- var DT = [ ] DT[0] = [ 'lab', //This is the data type category 'ECG', 'Holter', 'Blood', 'Pre-Natal labs', ] DT[1] = [ 'consult', //This is the data type category ' Dr. ', ' Dr. Saldana', ' Dr. Bar Shlomo', ' Dr. Thomas', ' Dr. Luciuk', 'Psychiatry', ' Dr. Fishman', ' Dr. Jakubowski', 'Orthopedics', 'Opthalmology', 'Cardiolology', 'Gyne/Obs', 'BCCA', 'Surgery', 'Gastroenterology', ]
GM to display all cumulative lab results in a given lab report.
Lab reports have hyperlinks to display cumulative results for each individual lab item. This is great for checking one measurement, but difficult to print and collate a complete set of all results for general overview and referral purposes. This GM script collates all the cumulative hyperlinks on a given lab report and displays all results in a single window. Caveat: For patients with many lab results, you may have to wait up to 30 seconds for the script to complete. There are two buttons: view layout - results arranged into columns print layout - results arranged into rows.
Patient timer script
From Mike Dodd :This script adds a notification on the Echart coloured orange starting at 7 minutes, then turning red at 10 minutes. It counts up to 15 minutes. Timer starts when echart is opened. We use it to be aware of appointment timing.
Greasemonkey Script for printing all of the encounter pane including information in the coloured headers
From Stanley Hurwitz: I've written a GM that will printout the toilet roll as an HTML file. > Step one: click the auto-expand button to open all dates and then > Step two: click Audit Print. The HTML file generated can be sent to print or saved as an HTML file. > > I've made the buttons in this GM quite obtrusive - the GM should be disabled at all times unless (hopefully, never) required! > Stan.
Family linker greasemonkey script
Update December 15th 2015 - Attached is my latest and hopefully last version. There are two buttons on the encounter page, family links and appt Family links will bring up a list of all the family members with the same home address Clicking Appt will store the patients demographic number on a clipboard and if you go to the appt page, clicking on a time will insert the patient there and clear the clipboard (I have modified to use the demographic number as this is more accurate and quicker with one less click) New features: (likely more MOA useful- saves a few clicks) 1) If you want to move an existing patients appt, click on the current appt and wait for the appt popup page to load. Click Ctrl if you want to cut the appt or Alt if you want to copy the appt. Go to any appt spot and click on it and the appt will be pasted there. The default OSCAR cut and paste did not carry over the "status" information, this corrects this and brings it along as well (ie if the bar was pink it will stay pink). From David Page --- This greasemonkey script: > 1) Inserts two buttons on the encounter page- Family links and Appt > 2) Clicking on Family Links will take you to the search page with all patients living at the same address listed (I find a lot of my patients have different surnames so the address was the better search) > 3)From the encounter page, If you click on Appt, it puts the patient name onto a "Clipboard" and if you go to the appt screen, clicking on an appointment spot will insert this name into the search (and empties the clipboard). ---- > Workflow: > Mother brings in Jonny, and then says 'please can you also see Katie, I know she is not booked....'. 1) Click on family links and then chose Katies chart. 2) If you want to add Katie to the appt list, click Appt and then go to the Appt screen and click on a spot to insert her. 3) Once you are finished with Katie, the search page is still there and you can go via this back to Jonny if needed. --- If you are in tabs it is easy to switch between these tabs. --- As as separate function, if you have this GM installed, you can now go directly to the encounter page from a Report by Template. Previously one could only reach the master demographic page using the hyperlinks. What you need to do is add " &z=2 " (without the "") to the end of the URL line and it will bypass the master demo page. David
pagescraper greasemonkey script
Update May 2017 - 1. Reformated PHN for easier viewing 2. Added email address and link to send email via default email application: To use: in Firefox options, set application mailto to gmail or other email application. Unfortunately firefox will not open the email in a new window or tab, so it closes the encounter window. To open in a new window or tab, RIGHT CLICK on "Send email: and choose "open in new window" 3. Added new pagescraper demo info that can be added to Consultation request. 4. Referral form (Consultation request): I have reformatted the consultation request to add all contact phone numbers (home, Cell and work), as well as email contact with a link to send email. I have added some check boxes (Patient consents to email contact and Patient advised.) 5. More and more specialist offices are requesting the GP to advise the patients not only about their appointment date but also to advise the patient about a whole slew of policies regarding no show fees and instructions to prepare for their appointment. Recently I received a request from a specialist to put through a No Charge referral without me having seen the patient. This request came with a sheet of instructions to advise the patient about the appointment, no show fees and instructions. I feel that this is an unfair burden on the GP, adding to our office overhead costs. I am hoping that, by adding a softly worded request to my consultation letter, together with all contact numbers, that specialist offices will take responsibility for contacting the patient. 6. All feedback is welcome! Any suggestions about the header wording? ---- December 31, 2015 - Created by Dr. Chris Sun, with modifications by Dr. Stanley Hurwitz - adds demographic data to the echart header. useful for filling out forms so you don't have to click back and forth between master and echart. Update by Dr. Hurwitz added in Auto-URL, added a line break.
HRM Report Buttons
Created January 2016 by David H Price - This is my first try at writing a GM script. It adds a few buttons to the top of a Hospital Report Manager (HRM) document, which is an electronically delivered text-based report available to EMR users in Ontario. It bothered me that the link buttons were positioned at the bottom of the document, which meant I had to scroll all the way down to, for example, open the patient's chart. I hope that other OSCAR users in Ontario find it useful.
Tickler and Reminder buttons for transcription reports and documents
Update November 6th 2015 - The corrected NEXT DATE format is yyyy-mm-dd (I inadvertently switched the yyyy/dd/mm in the first)--- Stan.--- Greasemonkey and eform suite to automate ticklers and reminders for review of reports and documents. Time saving reminder GM for transcription reports and documents: The most efficient time for me to update recalls, reminders and preventions is when opening and reading new incoming reports and documents. The GM inserts two buttons on report and document screens: one for a Tickler link and one for an Auto reminder link. Clicking either button will open a quick pick table popup. The reminder button auto-inserts text into the Reminder box and the Risk Factor boxes of the encounter screen; the tickler button opens a pre-populated tickler screen. If the reminder is a Pap, Mammogram or Colonoscopy, the GM also opens a pre-populated Prevention screen with Next Date set. To use this script, first upload the PushtoReminder form. Once uploaded, open the form to obtain the specific form id number on your own Oscar system. Copy this unique form id number to the gm script as indicated below: //********************************************************** var inputvar = 123 //form id goes here //********************************************************** I've programmed the script to populate both the Reminder and Risk Factor boxes. but of course the script can be changed to populate any of the CPP boxes on the encounter screen. Stan.
Billing Timer Eform and Greasemonkey Script
Update November 13-2015 - Includes error checking for "undefined time" (If you click on "Paste to Encounter" prior to selecting a time or if you click on "View" in the green bar in the generated encounter screen). The eform is meant to be loaded as a patient independent eform. There are several billing codes in BC (and possibly elsewhere) that require specific start and stop times be placed in the encounter note. Stanley Hurwitz has created an eForm/greasemonkey combination that will achieve this. His description: With the new requirement to document billing time in the encounter notes, I've updated the billing time GM. To use this script, first upload the EncounterTime form. Once uploaded, open the form to obtain the specific form id number on your own Oscar system. Copy this unique form id number to the gm script as indicated below: //********************************************************** var inputvar = 123 //form id goes here //********************************************************** There is now a new button added to the invoice screen. After you click the time button (8,20,40 or 50 minutes), click on the green button. This will briefly open and close the EncounterTime form, which autoposts a line comment below the current encounter containing the Start and End times. I suggest you try it out on a dummy patient first as the encounter note pasting cannot be undone. stan.
GM to assist with unmapped Loinc codes
GM to assist with unmapped Loinc codes: When you search for unmapped Loinc codes in the "Add Measurement Mapping" screen, the bottom field on the screen is searchable by test name. The top field ("Select unmapped code") however is not searchable. It takes forever to look through every single lab test to find or add the suitable mapping. This GM places a button above the unmapped Loinc codes to be searched. Enter part of the string to be searched. Remember to capitalize the first letter (otherwise it will not be found). For example to search for Varicella Ab IgG, you can search for any of the following: Var Varicella aricel IgG (this will yield all IgG codes) Ab (this will yield all Ab codes) To accept the Loinc code in the Prompt box, click OK. To look for another instance of the search string, click Cancel. Stan.
GM that displays reason for visit under patient's name on scheduler screen
Update December 8th - Update to reason replacer GM I have added Wait Time - lists how long the patient has been waiting since check-in (the time that status line was changed to green) I use two greens - green for "HereOnTime" and lightgreen for "HereButLate". You will need to change the strings in the first two lines according to your setup: var greenline1 = 'HereonTime' var greenline2 = 'HerebutLate' ---- Created by Stan Hurwitz, updated October 23rd 2016 - Update to my GM for replacing-reason-for-visit in columns: I've added a WAIT TIME button: displays time since patient checked in at reception ("HERE ON TIME" or "HERE BUT LATE"). Icons are color coded: <5 min, <10 min, <15 min, >15 min.
Date Picker Greasemonkey Script
From Stan Hurwitz - his GM adds a datepicker to every date on all measurement screens. 1. You can select which screens to include at the line: (//for the measurement screen title) 2. You can specify which cells to include, for example: value(inputValue-7 or value(date-' ??) 3. Different themes can be specified. I've used "start". You can try "le-frog". For customization check out: I customized this script from info gleaned from: Stan
Customize Referral Form
Created by Stanley Hurwitz - 4. Referral form (Consultation request): I have reformatted the consultation request to add all contact phone numbers (home, Cell and work), as well as email contact with a link to send email. I have added some check boxes (Patient consents to email contact and Patient advised.) 5. More and more specialist offices are requesting the GP to advise the patients not only about their appointment date but also to advise the patient about a whole slew of policies regarding no show fees and instructions to prepare for their appointment. Recently I received a request from a specialist to put through a No Charge referral without me having seen the patient. This request came with a sheet of instructions to advise the patient about the appointment, no show fees and instructions. I feel that this is an unfair burden on the GP, adding to our office overhead costs. I am hoping that, by adding a softly worded request to my consultation letter, together with all contact numbers, that specialist offices will take responsibility for contacting the patient.
Greasemonkey Scripts for GM 4
With the advent of Firefox quantum earlier versions of Greasemonkey will no longer work. This is a collection of Greasemonkey scripts that have been adapted for GM4 and Firefox Quantum.
Greasemonkey Script to Hide the Refile Button
Some clinics and users have found the Refile Button to be "dangerous". There was a suggestion that it be removed or renamed. As the Refile button has a valuable function to refile inappropriately attached documents and labs. As a work around, Chris Sun has created a greasemonkey script to hide the Refile Button for those that so choose. Obviously turning off Greasemonkey and refreshing the screen will allow the button to re-appear.

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