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Billy Lin - His contributions to Greasemonkey scripts and other helpful hints.

Hi Keith et al., A quick self-intro, my name is Billy Lin, a FM resident at UBC. I am the resident who had the pleasure of working with Dr. David Page over the last three weeks. I've organized some of what we did here: Right now I've put up information about "EmailTextEngine <>" which is a project enabling emailing or texting patients who have consented to receive such communication directly from the EMR. Thanks for pointing out the downloadURL and updateURL metadata tags. Those would be a good way to keep the scripts in sync especially for authors who wish to share the scripts with the public and maintain them on a public repository. Keith, do you know if the @updateURL has to be just the metadata block? Can I just point it to the same user script file as @downloadURL? For a group practice who wants to keep their private GM scripts in sync across computers and preferably avoid having to install GM scripts on dozens of computers each time a new script comes up, I think somehow syncing the gm_scripts folders on each machine would be a preferred solution. A quick look on Google hasn't yielded much other than the 2009 conversation about the Shell Extension David's saw: Looks promising but I don't have multiple windows machines to test. I would avoid having a giant script of all scripts that gets loaded on all sorts of unrelated pages on OSCAR though. That could get messy very fast. Just my 2 cents. Cheers! Billy
Billy Lin's Oscar Wiki
This is an external link to Billy Lin's Oscar Wiki where you will find his work on things such as greasemonkey scripts to enhance the function of OSCAR.
Reminders for CMD billing
From Billy Lin March 28 2016 - Thanks to Patti for mentioning the trick for getting OSCAR to make useful reminders regarding CDM billings: "Many offices enter in a "fake" bill ... one with a STATUS - DNB from the drop down list . Choose the appropriate CDM code and diagnosis. Use the service date of the first visit, and change the amount to 00.00 if you are really fussy.... The tickler prompt appears again one year later." I added a collection of buttons to the billing screen to enter these fake bills with one click. Users have a chance to review the bill before clicking "continue" to the next page. As an added bonus, I made the Service Date text field editable so that it would be easier to use the service date of first visit for these fake bills. I never understood why we weren't allowed to edit the date in the textfield... but now we can. On a side note, I'm in the market of looking for an OSP. If there is any suggestions or if there are any OSP on the listserv who are interested in working with me, please let me know off-list. Cheers! Billy
2019 updates to encounter screen emailing and texting
Darius Opensource has been kind enough to trouble shoot the move to Firefox Quantum, Greasemonkey 4+, and Oscar 15. You will need a new greasemonkey script to work in FF Quantum and GM 4, you will need a new email and text engine to work in OSCAR 15. Both are available in this folder

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