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Greasemonkey Scripts from David Page

Billing Pending
When someone comes in for a non insured visit like a drivers, at the end of the visit I change the status to Pending for Billing. You still have to click on the patient name to get to the edit appt page, but once there this puts a button that changes the status and sends you back to the appt screen. Not complicated but will save me a little work. I suspect that the values might be customized by server so this might not work for others?
Rourke Weight converter
Made for 2006 Rourke, I get frustrated when new Mom's only know the lb weight. Put the weight as 7lb6oz and click convert and it will do the conversion
Updated June 2 2015 - If you have uploaded the previous version you will have to delete it first - Added functionality- when you are seeing the lab, press ENTER and it will acknowledge and go back to inbox (so when in inbox, press enter and patient lab opens, press enter and you are back to inbox) Press ". " (PERIOD) and it will scroll to bottom- if it is a multipager then you will miss the middle so beware! You can still use the standard keyboard up and down arrows. Press "," (COMMA) to scroll back to top Press "\" (BACKSLASH) to go to eChart Press "]" (STRAIGHT BRACKET) to get cursor into the label box and when done writing a label , ENTER will save the label and acknowledge the lab and get you back to inbox So for a cell path, ENTER in inbox takes you to the result, "]" takes the cursor to the label box, write your description, ENTER then saves and acknowledges and gets you back to the inbox.
Lab Hotkey
LabHotkey: when the inbox is open, if you press ENTER this takes you to the bottom patient's lab Works great although there are times when I reach a lab that I want to deal with am trying to find a way to have a choice to open the "second from bottom" or third from bottom etc. The reason it is from bottom and not from top is that it will continue working if you deal with the bottom first- can't explain why (from top will only work once)
Medication Order
Update Feb 13 2016 - Now works in any view of prescription module ( the initial OscarRx view, active, all, and current) --- Created by David Page to re order medications in the prescription module: It automatically clicks twice to reorder by date. What I would love to see come back (I think a previous Rx module did this), is the amulgamation of all the same medications to one entry. This would make looking through the list for that "special medication that you once gave me" much easier. In the list below you will see lots of identical duplicates (eg Elocom Lotion) that could be shown as one entry with the date being the most recent (and the ability to show all if needed).
Medication Order All
This is similar to the Medication Order button except that it clicks the All button rather than the Current button.
Verify and Sign
For those involved with teaching. If you open the patients encounter sheet and press Ctrl, the GM will click “Edit” of the last entry followed by Verify and sign If the entry you need to verify is not the last entry, then you can manually click Edit on the entry, and then press Alt, the GM will then click Verify and sign Just a simple shortcut that will save two mouse clicks on each encounter David
Script for cleaning drugref for safety and ease of use- Grease monkey adaptation
This script takes out generics and makes it easier to search for drugs - from David Page - My main complaint is the numerous results that come back in a search because of all the generics I also don’t have server access and have a fear of changing the database This GM simply hides most of the generic returns and does no change to the database. Warning: I have only seen it on ramipril so far, but because the return is limited to about 30 results, when you search under ‘ramipril’ there are no useful results (all the generics are hidden). What you need to do is search ramipril 10 (or whatever dose you are after). I have put two buttons “Generic search” which will make the search as before and “Filter search” which will then activate the filter again. If you use these buttons you need to do something in the search box to activate the search (eg just hit the spacebar) Credit to Darius for the original pharmacare GM and to Peter HC for the list of generic companies. David
Consult patient linker GM
Updated Sept 24 2017 - there was a wordwrap issue with the previous version. This was created for our staff and they seem to find it very helpful so I will create a “Gherkin” feature description. It should only take a couple of lines of code if this feature is not in V15. From the appointment page when you click the “Con” on the top line between Messages and Preferences and run the report to open up the consults. Clicking on one of the patient names takes you to the consult letter request for that patient. (this is basic OSCAR function- not the request) This GM script creates a button “Chart” in the top R corner that on clicking takes you to the Master Demographic page for the patient. (without the script to get to the patient chart you have to copy and paste the patient name into the searchbox) David

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