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How to download eForms

Adding new eForms to your OSCAR system

 For quick basic instructions on how to import zipped E-Forms click here for PDF.


The terms "upload", "download" and "import" are used somewhat arbitrarily and interchangeably in OSCAR and on this site. This page will explain the process of adding new eForms to the existing ones on your OSCAR system.

To start the process, navigate to the eForm management page in your OSCAR system: From the OSCAR main appointment screen, click Admin and scroll down to eForms:


upload image menu screenshot


Then click "Upload eForm", to access the eForm management page. in an OSCAR v12 system, the page will look like this: 

eForm management page screenshot


At the top left of the page you will see following 5 options:

  1. Upload New eForm
  2. Import eForm
  3. Create in Editor
  4. Download eForms
  5. eForm Generator

Each of these options represents a different way of adding eForms to your OSCAR system.


1. Upload New eForm

This is the method you would use to add forms shared on this site to your OSCAR. Each form as two components, the background image and the html markup for the form element overlay. You have to fetch each of these components separately into your OSCAR system. 

  • First, on this site, navigate to the form you want to add,  save the html form and the associated .png formatted image file to your hard drive.
  • Then, on your OSCAR system, navigate to your eForm management page (pictured above) and click the Upload New eForm tab.


  • Click the Browse button to find the html file you saved to your hard drive earlier and upload it.
  • Now you need to also add the form background image to your OSCAR system, so click the "Upload an Image" link at the top right of the page. The page you're looking at should be like the one pictured below. This is your list of background images for all of your OSCAR eForms.

Upload an image link

  •  Click the Browse button to find the .png formatted image file you saved to your hard drive earlier and upload it.

Upload an image screen


  • That's it, your done with the upload procedure. When you navigate back to the main "Upload eForm" screen, your new form will show up at the top of the list.
  • The final step is to test your newly uploaded eForm in a test patient chart to make sure it functions correctly, before using it on live patients.


2. Import eForm

This utility was created for users to share eForms from one OSCAR system to another ("export" and "import") more easily. For a printable PDF with very easy  and detailed step-by-step instructions for novice users on how to import zipped E-Forms  click here.

  • The first step is to export a given eForm from your system. Navigate to the eForm management page (Admin > Upload eForm), then pick the form you want to export from the list and and click the "Export" link next to it.


  • Clicking "Export" will elegantly bundle the eForm along with its associated background image, together in a convenient zip archive file. You will be prompted to save this zip archive file to your hard drive.
  • Email the zip file to a friend with an OSCAR system
  • Your friend with their OSCAR system would then save the zip archive to their hard drive
  • They would then navigate the eForm management page on their OSCAR system and click the "Import eForm" link, and browse to where they saved the zip file, to conveniently add it to their OSCAR system (one step upload)

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3. Create in Editor

This is a text editor built into OSCAR. This is for more advanced users who know how to write html markup to create their own forms from scratch. You can also copy and paste eForm markup into the editor and save it as a new form.

You can also use this to edit the html markup in your existing eForms. To do this you would click the "edit" link next to a given eForm in your list of eForms form the main eForm management page.

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4. Download eForm

This link takes you to the "eForm Emporium". This is an online utility designed for users to easily share eForms to the OSCAR community. Downloading new eForms to your system from the Emporium is as easy as clicking the "Load eForm" button next to the form you are looking for.

eForm emporium screenshot


The eForm Emporium is currently hosted on the MyDrugRef servers (the same place that provides your prescription writer with updated drug information). At this stage it is a simple list of shared eForms with no further search facilities. Watch this space for future development.

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5. eForm Generator

This is Shelter Lee's remarkable graphical tool to build your own eForms from scratch. More comprehensive instructions on how to use the eForm generator are posted here.

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