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The 2009 National OSCARs

2009 OSCARs FMFAt the national user group meeting on October 30, 2009 the "OSCARs" were given out to recognize contribution to the OSCAR EMR by OSCAR users. The following awards were presented:  



Dr. Gunther Klein -Best New User (The New OSCAR Revolutionary!) 
Dr. Gunther Klein

Gunther Klein joined the OSCAR community with a bang! He brought OSCAR to Campbell River BC and has already become a major OSCAR advocate. He has written a letter to the Globe and Mail about his experiences with OSCAR. Gunther is an active participant on the OSCAR list serve and has brought many excellent ideas forward in his first 6 months with OSCAR. Gunther is also working on developing a series of screencasts for the OSCAR users manual. 


David DaleyDavid Daley-Best OSCAR Blogger

David Daley has created a fantastic blog about OSCAR. He has volunteered to be a board member for the OSCAR Canada Users Society and has made many contributions to the community. He has taken on the task of figuring out how to count all the OSCAR users around the globe!



 Dr. Martin Dawes -Best User in a Foreign Country  Dr. Martin Dawes

With tongue in cheek the OSCAR community thanks Martin Dawes for bringing OSCAR to Quebec. Martin also sits on the board of directors for the OSCAR Canada Users Society. Martin has been active in letting other academic institutions know why they really want OSCAR as their EMR. He has proposed several national research projects using OSCAR including a pan-Canadian prescribing audit and a look at how we integrate clinical practice guidelines into care.



Dr. John FernandesDr. John Fernandes- OSCAR Adventurer

John Fernandes was congratulated for leading the way to bring OSCAR to the province of Alberta. John has hired a programmer and is starting work on the Alberta billing package. John has been an active participant on the OSCAR list serve and has brought many great ideas to the community. It was also noted that John has the best Mojito recipe posted on the list serve!


Dr. Cam Ross -OSCAR Volunteer of the Year Dr. Cam Ross

Dr. Cam Ross was awarded the volunteer of the year award for the hundreds of hours he & the incredible Crossroads team have devoted to designing the complex care forms for OSCAR. An incredible amount of background research went into these forms and all of the associated patients handouts.

Go Cam!


Dr. David Chan

Dr. David Chan-OSCAR Media Star

David Chan was congratulated as OSCAR's new media star. David, who prefers not to be in front of the camera, has stepped up to the plate in the wake of the ehealth scandal in Ontario to speak about OSCAR on radio and TV. David's interviews can be seen on our news page


Jay Gallagher -OSCAR After Midnight AwardJay Gallager

Jay, our lead programmer, was congratulated for his ongoing dedication to the OSCAR community. It was noted by OSCAR users that it is easy to reach Jay after midnight (Pacific standard time!) if you have a question for him. 



Carole and PattiPatti Rodger Kirkpatrick & Dr. Carole White -OSCAR Superstars

Patti and Carole were thanked for their ongoing work managing the OSCARcanada Users Society finances and books.

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