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The 2010 BC OSCARs

At the user group meeting held in Vancouver April 19, 20 2010, the OSCARs were awarded to acknowledge outstanding contribution by users.

Randy Randy Jonasz- Developer of the year
Randy (from McMaster) was instrumental in the updated  design of  "the toilet roll" or "sacred scroll" in the echart. The most important feature of this design is the solid implementation of role based access to each of the chart elements. Thanks Randy!


Trudy Chiswell -Longstanding contribution to the OSCAR community

Trudy was a member of the original OSCAR team in 2001 before she launched off on her own to start OSCARservice, a very successful OSCAR Service Provider based in Burlington, Ontario. Her company designed the highly sophisticated ophthalmology module which is scheduled to be fully integrated with the next stable release in June.



ShelterShelter Lee-Best volunteer developer
Shelter received multiple nominations for his work on the new eforms generator.  Shelter is well known in the OSCAR community for leading the way on the development of eforms as well as taking the time to teach others how to do it. A regular speaker at OSCAR meetings, Shelter is a huge contributer to the OSCAR community.  Whenever Shelter pops up, folks get excited. Along with Shelter always come some great new OSCAR goodies that make clinical practice better and easier.



Gunther Klein (“super G”)-OSCAR volunteer of the year   Gunther

Gunther (dubbed  "Super G" by Patti) is always the first person to volunteer when something needs to be done in the OSCAR community. Gunther quietly volunteered to make "a few" screencasts of OSCAR and the next thing we knew there was a 190 page pdf slide show tutorial  document up on the website! He has volunteered to help coordinate the Users' manual. A great OSCAR ambassador, Gunther has spread the word about OSCAR to most of his colleagues in the Campbell River, Comox area and is responsible for many of the physicians there now using OSCAR.


GianaGianna Tanner -OSCAR Goddess( MOA of the year)

We've seen those Red Hot Chiles on the OSCAR podium a lot over the past years, so there must be something in the air out in the Fraser Valley that creates the generous mix of team spirit, assertiveness, logic and calm. The Valley Girl receiving an OSCAR award today possesses the perfect balance in her work ethic. This exceptional woman, even monitors the daily tasks of her co-workers, remotely, from her sick bed when she can't make it into the office and will contacts her support provider to assist if she foresees a problem she cannot handle. (But she handles pretty much everything!)
Beyond looking after the daily needs of the caregivers in her office, she's the one crawling under the desks, pulling cables, unjamming printers, reprogramming the scanner and troubleshooting the idiosyncrasies of OSCAR working with Firefox. She posts to the listserve and questions why things are, she find the fixes and lets others know the how-to, in case it happens to them. We like to call this young woman, the Tenacious Ms. G. This year's OSCAR Goddess award goes to Giana Tanner of the Young Clinic in Chilliwack.


Best New Practice -Highland Medical Practice of Comox, BC.  They are the up and comers on the block! You say when? They say in 4 weeks please! And, within a month, the servers arrive, the Highland Medicalstaff is being trained, OSCAR is employed and this courageous team took on their OSCAR implementation amidst the busiest season of the year! December 17 - OSCAR installed in their tiny 2000 square feet Buena Vista office, and 10 days later they pack up the show and change their location to a stunning new, state of the art offices in the Highlands. (It feels like Rodeo Drive, LA not Comox Valley, BC) How to run a practice, care for patients, oversee building construction and learn to use an EMR – just have this team come and show you !
Today, just four months later, they chart, they prescribe, they e-form, they monitor their chronic disease patients, they bill and they have also embarked on a brand new lab import process from their local hospital! Watch out for them OSCAR – they are Drs. Carol Galway, Simon Colgan, Trevor Shoesmith, Jennifer Cortez, Daria Davyduke, and Theresa Wilson, Nurse Marie MacGregor along with a terrific administrative team led by Terry Vandyk and Jan Logan. Congratulations for making a fantastic transition - Highland Medical Practice of Comox, BC.


Tomislav Svoboda-OSCAR Achievement Award

Tomislav is the leader of the well known OSCAR CAISI project. OSCAR CAISI  is a national, award winning, full featured Case Management, Bed Management, and Program/Facility Management system, used by many leading Agencies and Residential Programs in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa. CAISI uses 'OSCAR on steroids' with many OSCAR implementations talking to each other via an 'integrator'.  Tomislav has also been very active working on the OSCAR Canada website and the User Manual. Tomislav took the train out to join our meeting in BC!




Gordon Hutchinson –Best New user

Gordon was thanked for his work on a new lab interface for interior health authority. (  ) Apparently the new interface is ready for testing and use. Talk about starting out with a big project! Gordon is also the first person to fly in his own plane to an OSCAR meeting.

David Page


David Page - OSCAR user of the year

Here is what his colleagues say about him: "His Mental Health toolkit (now version 5) based on the Physician Support Program module is brilliant and will blow your mind.  He's just putting the finishing touches on a much more robust COPD assessment tool and action plan embedding the CTS guidelines and he has spent innumerable hours on multiple proposals for MyOSCAR proposals which if they go ahead could greatly benefit us all.  He just quietly goes about inventing things.... amazing! He is constantly innovating and an absolute delight to be around.


Patti Rodger Kirkpatrick and Claire Dickson share the- OSCAR volunteer of the year award

Patti was thanked for her ongoing passion and commitment to the OSCAR project. Patti is well known for taking on any and all kinds of volunteer jobs for the OSCAR community.  She staffed the OSCAR booth at the SPH CME conference for 4 days in November 2009 .  She also is always more than willing to answer folks OSCAR queries on both the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) and general UserGroup email discussion lists.  Patti and Claire spent the weekend before the user group meeting organizing the registration information and pre-printing everyone's receipts and name tags to ensure the morning registration of 150 users went smoothly-way to go!

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