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CAISI Demonstration Site

This page provides details for accessing the CAISI demonstration sites.

CAISI Demonstration Site

To view and review a current version of the CAISI - OSCAR IT system go to:

Username: caisi

Password: Caisi1234

PIN: 1234

CAISI User Guides General guides

A quick and dirty guide / manual for all agency staff members and CAISI users: Caisi Step by Step Users Guide V.9.0.doc


Administrators can learn how to create accounts for their staff members by following the following guide: Caisi Admin Guide 5.0.doc

Here are some other user names and passwords with other roles:

Role Username
Counsellor carl
Doctor david
Intern/Counsellor ira

Nurse nancy


For all these the password is Caisi1234 and PIN 1234.

Integrated Testing Environment

If you are interested in checking out OSCAR/CAISI integration you can go to our integration testing environment which features a virtual community of social service and health care agencies that are integrated. This environment is a testing environment for development rather than a demo so it may at times be broken and unstable.

CAISI Integration Testing Environment

Waitlist Testing Environment

If you are interested in checking out the OSCAR-CAISI Waitlist application that is being developed, to to:


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