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CAISI (OSCAR Integration)

OSCAR - CAISI (Client Access to Integrated Services and Information) is a national, award winning, implementation of OSCAR that includes full featured Case Management, Bed Management, and Program/Facility Management system, used by many leading agencies and residential programs in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa. The CAISI Project is a collaboration among front-line providers, clients, and agencies to help end homelessness through the use of OSCAR to electronically integrate care. This OSCAR partnership won the 2007 national Silver Award of Excellence in the Efficiency & Operational Improvements from CIPA (Canadian Information Productivity Awards).

Welcome to CAISI

The Welcome to CAISI pages includes a high-level description of the benefits of CAISI's case management system and its project background, informs visitors to the site about involvement opportunities, as well as who the CAISI staff and contributors are, and also provides news and event information. Default view providing CAISI benefits overview still to come.

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CAISI Demonstration Site

This page provides details on how to access the CAISI demonstration sites. These include both an individual case management site as well as a virtual integrated community of agencies.

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CAISI (OSCAR Case Management and Integration) Features

The CAISI Program provides the cutting-edge full featured implementation of the OSCAR case management and bed management system that can be used by agencies that care for vulnerable populations and supports eletronic integration and coordination of care between multiple agency installations of the software. This section describes features developed into the OSCAR EMR by the CAISI Program (OSCAR Integration and case /bed/program management) and gives screen shots and descriptions of these for prospective users and agencies interested in participating in this project or just interested in using the case management system.

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CAISI Software Development

The CAISI Software Development pages describe CAISI's open source case management system and the integration software being developed to seamlessly connect case management systems used by different centres and agencies.

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Community Integration Implementation

This folder includes all materials related to working with the community to implement electronic integration of care. IT includes governance committees, client participation, development of policies related to the implementation of integration except for privacy and security which has its own folder.

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Privacy, Security and Agency Agreements

The Privacy and Security pages describe the CAISI approach to agency/client privacy issues, copies of privacy agreement templates, as well as CAISI's own internal privacy protocols. This section also include agency agreements such as data sharing agreements, agreements signed by staff etc.

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Community and Technical Support

This section contains all information related to support, including administration documents (e.g. service level agreements), and all guides and end-user documentation.

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News & Events

The News & Events pages contains calendars of CAISI events, as well as news items, press releases, and presentations related to CAISI.

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Contact Us

CAISI - Client Access to Integrated Services and Information, is a not for profit community collaborative that provides support and development for the community of medical and social service providers seeking to electronically improve access and coordination of care for marginalized populations.

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CAISI Project Implementation

This section includes all aspects of the CAISI Project that is being implemented including policies and procedures, and project documentation not included elsewhere or included elsewhere but compiled here as part of the implementation process.

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