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CAISI Software Development

The CAISI Software Development pages describe CAISI's open source case management system and the integration software being developed to seamlessly connect case management systems used by different centres and agencies.

Open Development Overview

Provides a description of the principles behind CAISI's open source development aproach to case management software.

Open Development Overview - Read More…

OSCAR-CAISI Case Management System

Describes the concepts, functional requirements and development of OSCAR-CAISI's case management system software.

OSCAR-CAISI Case Management System - Read More…

CAISI Integration Development Project

Describes the concepts, functional requirements and development of CAISI's integration project.

CAISI Integration Development Project - Read More…

CAISI Development Environment

Issues, documents and policies related to the CAISI development environment.

CAISI Development Environment - Read More…

Development Documentation

Documentation required by developers, describing code deployment, downloads, data parameters, and more.

Development Documentation - Read More…


This folder contains documents and pages that are no longer current.

Archives - Read More…

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