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Welcome to CAISI

The Welcome to CAISI pages includes a high-level description of the benefits of CAISI's case management system and its project background, informs visitors to the site about involvement opportunities, as well as who the CAISI staff and contributors are, and also provides news and event information. Default view providing CAISI benefits overview still to come.

CAISI Vision

The CAISI vision is: Agencies and clients integrating care to end chronic homelessness. First and foremost, homelessness is not a medical problem, nor is it a problem of lack of services being coordinated. The cause of homelessness is lack of housing - affordable housing, supportive housing and subsidized housing. However....

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CAISI Project Background and Summary Documents

A more detailed description of the CAISI Project, history, goals, future direction and structure of the team. This section also includes background summary documents that can be provided to agencies, clients and other stakeholders.

CAISI Project Background and Summary Documents - Read More…

Toronto CAISI Project Charter

Author: Pamela Vlasic, Natalie Comeau, Tomislav Svoboda

Toronto CAISI Project Charter - Read More…


This Archives folder contains material that is related to the Welcome to Caisi root folder but is no longer current.

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