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The 2009 OSCAR Awards!

Award statues 09At the user group meeting on March 27,2009 the "OSCARs" were given out to recognize contribution to the OSCAR EMR by OSCAR users. The following awards were presented:




 John Yap


Dr. John Yap-Best New User Award

John Yap has joined the OSCAR community with tons of enthusiasm. He is an active participant on the list serv and the monthly teleconferences and is always trying to help answer people's questions. John has volunteered to help out at the registration table for the BC User group meeting, building the OCUS membership list and is working on the eforms section of the website.John always manages to put a positive spin on everything. John keeps Jay happy when he keeps pointing out, in the prescription module update dialogue, that the prescription module is way better than what he was doing a year ago. Anyone who keeps Jay happy is a friend of OSCAR!

Dr. Karen Cunningham –OSCAR volunteer of the yearKaren C

Karen Cunningham joined the OSCAR User Group in November and has already volunteered to do a series of thankless jobs! Karen has overseen and collated all the user suggestions for improvements to the prescription module. She did the same task for the organization of the encounter page. Karen has joined the board of directors and is tackling the minutes for the board. Karen even flew out from Ontario to BC for the usergroup meeting to present the summary of the planned precription module updates.



 Jay Gallagher and Dr. David Chan–Programmer of the YearDavid and Jay

Who else could win Programmer of the Year? Jay (under David's supervision) has seen OSCAR through conformance testing in Ontario. Eight months of preparation were required for this. We all know Jay spends lots of nights and weekends working on OSCAR programming and we are very grateful. David Chan also thanks Ronnie Cheng for his help.


Dr. Quentin Smith- OSCAR Ambassador of the YearQuentin S

Quentin Smith is known as the "demo King" of OSCAR. Quentin has traveled on many occasions to Vancouver to demo OSCAR for interested doctors and midwives. The Crossroads team also hosts many demos in their own office. Quentin has shown us all how to use voice recognition software with OSCAR. Quentin is part of the power house team from Crossroads Clinic in Chilliwack that brought users 150 new eforms and the incredible complex care forms.


Carole White-OSCAR User of the YearCarole

Carole is a long time user of OSCAR. Carole is always willing to help and take on jobs to help the OSCAR community. Carole has acted as treasurer for the OSCARcanada Users Society since it's inception. Carole has managed all the banking, tax issues, obtaining a credit card for the society and is now working on the ability of OCUS to accept credit cards and interact. Thank you Carole for taking on this role.



Patti Roger Kirkpatrick-support provider of the yearPatti

Patti has traveled to every OSCAR meeting held in the past year and has volunteered to sit on the OSCARcanada Users Society Board of Directors. Patti was the first support company to help the users society by preparing a mail out to every one of her customers about our fund raising efforts. Patti stuffed every envelope and licked every stamp on our behalf-way to go Patti!



Nancy Bernier-MOA of the year, the "OSCAR goddess award"Nancy

Nancy Bernier of Bayswater Family Practice is always willing to lend a hand to new users. Nancy frequently invites MOAs new to OSCAR to join her in the office for a day and learn the ins and outs of the program. Nancy is keen about all things OSCAR and is always lining up to pilot test new features for the programmers. Nancy participates actively on the list serv and always tries to answer people's questions. Nancy is always willing to learn and trouble shoot issues-nothing about computers scares her!




Adele Stuber -The Most Promising New OSCAR userAdele

This award recipient, has been working side by side with the same GP for the past 17 years.  She has been an intrinsic part of Tracy Monk's  practice who knows every patient's name, the name of their spouse, their  siblings,  their parents, and likely their lineage back to the Mayflower.  She truly cares about her job and especially about the patients she has developed a relationship with. Adele Stuber has delivered care to patients the minute they entered the office, and she didn't need a computer system to help her!.  So,  introducing automation to the practice was not in Adele's wishlist! 

Adele's eagerness to embrace the challenges that OSCAR presented to her work day, are well documented in the IN BOX at OSCARwest.  She possesses a "need to know".  When there is a doubt in her mind - she finds herself looking for the answer.  Adele will continue to master OSCAR - it's in her nature. Managing OSCAR is one more feather in this accomplished womans "red hat".

Dr. David Page -OSCAR Adventurer AwardDavid Page

David Page is another member of the much appreciated Crossroads Family Practice team. Another great ambassador for OSCAR David is always making sure our colleagues know how great OSCAR is and how much the EMR can do for you. We thank David for all his contributions to OSCAR, including his queries, eforms and the complex care forms.




Vancouver Native Health -Best New OSCAR PracticeVan Native Health

Vancouver Native Health has joined the OSCAR community in the past year and the team are already active and engaged in the user group. Both Drs. Steve Adilman and David Tu made the trip to Toronto for the National User Group meeting at FMF where they were able to meet some of the CAISI team who are serving inner city populations in Toronto.We welcome Vancouver Native Health to the OSCAR Community.

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