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BC Billing Form Add-ons

Scripts contributed by Darius Opensource, Jan 2013

BC Billing Form Add-ons



Thanks to the tireless, brilliant and resourceful, yet humble, Darius Opensource we have a number of Greasemonkey scripts to bring some extra joy to the BC billing work-flow! Note that the browser-side Greasemonkey scripts don't actually modify your server-side OSCAR installation, they just modify how OSCAR renders in your Firefox on the workstation side.

System requirements: This has been tested with OSCAR version 12.1 and Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) versions 10 and 17.0.2 running on Windows,Mac and Ubuntu. It does not work on older Firefox versions such as version 3.2.28. For most users it should be safe to upgrade to Firefox ESR 17.


Installation Instructions:


1)  First install the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox from here (if you don't have it already). And make sure that Greasemonkey is "enabled". To check, simply go to your Firefox file menu > Tools > Greasemonkey > and make sure there is a check mark next to "Enabled". Or just click the Greasemonkey toolbar icon as in the screen-shot below. Note the check mark.

Greasmonkey Enabled screenshot



2) Install the desired Greasemonkey add-on user scripts from the list below. Each time you click on one of these scripts, you should see an installation prompt such as the one below:

Greasmonkey Script installation screenshot


Then you will get a little popup message telling you the user script is installed.



NOTE: Greasemonkey scripts are workstation/Firefox specific. You would have to install each script once on each PC/workstation you use for billing.


List of BC Specific Billing Add-on User Scripts:


Click on each script below in turn to install, or save to disk and then, once saved, simply drag and drop each file into an open Firefox window:

  • ReferralPhysicianDefaults.user.js: This is a must-have tool for specialist physician offices. It searches the invoice list of a given patient for a previous bill with a referring doctor and automatically presents this as a clickable link above the referral physician box. This way, recurrent bills for the same patient can easily be linked to the original referring physician without having to search the physician billing database each time a bill is entered.
  • ExpressBilling.user.js: This script adds 'Another Bill' and 'Save Bill' to the first screen and defaults to 'Day Sheet'. This eliminates the second confirmatory step before you save the bill.  If you wish to change the default billing form, edit line 8. During initial use, please verify that the invoices have been created until you are confident the script is behaving as expected.
  • PersistentClarificationCode.user.js: This script lets the city specific "clarification code" stick between bills. This is useful for billing whole work days done in outreach/away clinics or in alternate cities to where the physician's practice is usually located. Reset by closing out of the OSCAR session.


How to check which scripts are installed:


Click the little down-arrow next to the Grease-monkey icon. Click "Manage User Scripts'. (Or, from the Firefox file menu > Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts). You will see a window like the one below with a list of all the scripts you have installed. If a specific script is misbehaving, then you can easily disable it, or remove it entirely.


Greasmonkey user scripts screenshot


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